Team moves in right direction

Published 7:46 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Starting a new sports team, or really a whole new organization, from scratch is daunting, especially when the sport is one, in this case lacrosse, that is largely new to the area you’re trying to bring it to.

It’s only been a few months, roughly since last summer, that Gary Fisher’s been working to start up the Suffolk Lacrosse Club. It’s remarkable just how quickly the club has gotten up and running.

Fisher is the first to spread the credit around. He’s thankful to Suffolk Parks and Recreation for helping the club, most notably by allowing Monogram Park to become the home field for the Suffolk Spartans. The Spartans are practicing there each weekend and are scheduled to have five home matches there this spring.

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Fisher credits the parents of all the kids with donating a lot of time and money. And he is thankful to have found an experienced, energetic head coach, Eric Momnie, who’s donating his time in a major way.

Fisher thanks Hampton Roads Lacrosse, the league the Spartans will be joining, for all sorts of help. HRLax has provided, and will continue to provide, equipment, knowledge, clinics and organization to the Suffolk Lacrosse Club. When Fisher gets on the topic of Hampton Roads Lacrosse, expect to hear the description “first-class” at least four or five times.

Technically, the Spartans have enough players to field a team, but realistically, they are still looking for more high school athletes to come out. Since lacrosse is a brand new sport, anyone coming out will be joining some players who are in the exact same situation.

The only unfortunate part about the birth of the Suffolk Lacrosse Club is that the goal of having a girls’ team — also made up of Lakeland, King’s Fork and Nansemond River students — is going to have to wait, at least for this approaching season.

The club’s Web site says there won’t be a 2010 Lady Spartan season, “due to lack of interest.”

It’s understandable. A spring-season lacrosse team, is going to compete with softball, soccer, tennis, track and more sports.

The boys’ team, says Fisher, has a few guys who are in the midst of wrestling season and all the physical strain, and that time alone adds to the demands of school work. It’s taking dedication just to add one or two lacrosse practices a week to everything else.

If the boys’ team is successful, and that doesn’t just depend on its win-loss record, interest will grow and a girls’ team will be added in short order.

With all the help Fisher has received for the Suffolk Lacrosse Club, it looks like a solid bet he’ll be able to organize that girls’ team when it’s time.