Suffolk must make education a top priority

Published 9:13 pm Saturday, March 6, 2010

It is now Friday, my wife just came home from a School Board meeting that started at 7 p.m. on Thursday. She informed me about how the city of Suffolk has to cut programs, close schools and terminate teachers’ jobs in order to save money.

As a parent with two kids in the Suffolk school system, I ask the city manager, the mayor and every other city official this:

You all quoted the city motto when you were looking to get re elected, saying, “It’s a great time to be in Suffolk.” You are the same people who, after the tornado hit, told us how, “We all stick together; we all are here to help one another.” If you believe that, then why not do all that you can do to help keep our kids’ education a top priority?

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Why don’t all of you who travel to and from work in a city-owned vehicle that we pay for — using gas that we pay for and driving with insurance that we pay for — do like the rest of us and drive your own privately owned vehicles?

The City “trash” truck was placed back on the streets because of “extra” money that was found in the budget. I can drive my own bulk trash to the dump if it means taking that money and putting it into saving our children’s futures.

Every child should have a chance — no child left behind! Where are all of the people who preach this to us? Where are they now?

Take away the programs and have the kids run the streets after school lets out? Forget the Early Start Program, which prepares out littlest ones for what they need to know in kindergarten? And then throw away physical education, letting our kids, who only have gym once a week now, go with no exercise at all?

I can only say this. We all get flyers sent to us before elections with promises in exchange for a vote. We walk into that booth, pull the curtain and push a button. Then we go home wearing our little sticker that says, “I voted.”

Now is when we need to hold those people we elected accountable! From the governor all the way down to the mayor. Call them, write them, go to their local office in person and voice your opinion! You can find their phone numbers on the city Web site.

We elected them to represent us. They work for us! They are our voice.

If you cared enough to be at Thursday’s meeting, if you cared enough to go out in the rain and vote — then care enough to do this and save your kids’ education.

Help protect the future for all of us.