Thanks goodness spring has sprung

Published 8:25 pm Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ah, it’s spring. There’s something about waking up on Saturday and knowing it’s a new season. A fresh start if you will.

There is no doubt this has been one of the more anticipated changes of seasons I can remember, and it puts behind me a winter that I am not too fond of dwelling on.

Since the calendar moved into winter, we have all seen nor’easters, high winds, snowfall and become very familiar with Suffolk Public Schools’ snow day policy of having Saturday classes.


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I’ve gone to the car wash to remove road salt, purchased boots for being out in the snow and I am now the proud owner of four pairs of gloves. All of which was rarely — if ever — needed in my home state of Alabama.

To say the least, I’ve had a near incurable case of spring fever. And I am not alone.

The other Sunday, when the temperature crossed the 50-degree barrier and the sky displayed nothing but sunshine, a few others and I took to the links at Suffolk Golf Course, where we were joined by hundreds of others stricken with the same “longing for spring” illness.

It was not the best display of golf, but considering the fact I had not even seen my clubs since before the last ice age, I figured it wasn’t bad. What was impressive was the weather, the friendship and the chance to enjoy both.

And, just like the weather, it appears things are beginning to pick up in Suffolk. Beginning Saturday was the third annual Suffolk Restaurant Week, celebrating the great variety of eateries around Suffolk.

Spring sports such as baseball, softball, soccer and lacrosse are off and running, making for a great excuse for leaving the office early and enjoying a beautiful afternoon at the park.

As everything in spring represents a fresh start, we are taking that approach to many of the items we produce here at the Suffolk News-Herald.

In the recent months, we hope, you have seen an increase in the events covered throughout Suffolk and the photographs published of you, your neighbors, friends and family.

Another change will be in the presentation of some of our longstanding special sections and niche products. One such revitalized product will be the annual Spring Home Improvement Guide, set to publish March 28.

You will see a much larger product, thanks to the business partners who have signed on with us, and you will see much more content as a result. You will also see a redesigned format, including a glossy cover designed to increase the product’s durability and a more open layout to allow for the additional content. The design will also allow for ease of reading and enjoyment.

All of this goes to say that spring brings with it with a new start for many things and a busy time for all of us in Suffolk. Let’s hope the sunny days fall on the weekends and that we all have the time to go out and enjoy the city we live in.