Vote on something important: golf

Published 11:07 pm Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We’re getting prepared for our second shot at a special edition on the excellent golf courses, specifically the most interesting and challenging golf holes, in Suffolk. This time, we’ll be narrowing the scope down to the five courses in Suffolk.

It’s not all that rare for a locale’s finest scenic views to be on — or at least preserved by — golf courses. That’s true in Suffolk as each course winds along the lakes and rivers here.

I’ve spent quite a bit of the last two decades on Suffolk’s golf courses. Back when there was such a thing as summer vacation, golf rounds and lessons and Suffolk Youth Athletic Association were the main reasons my whole summer wasn’t wasted in front of Nintendo/Super Nintendo/Nintendo 64.

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Recently, I spend a lot more time reporting on others playing golf at Cedar Point, Suffolk, Sleepy Hole, Riverfront or Nansemond River than actually playing the courses myself. It’s great to be able to hang around a golf course and call it “work”, although covering high school or state tournaments is equal parts exciting and frustrating.

Golf and frustration go hand in hand, and it’s why the sport becomes addictive. Getting a front-row view of golfers ranging from good to phenomenal usually leads to the thought, “Oh, that’s how this game is supposed to look.”

As far as the News-Herald’s special edition goes, all this means I certainly have my thoughts and opinions about the best dogleg, the best par-5, the best carry over water, the best drivable par four, the best PGA Tour-like hole and more around the city.

My opinion is just one opinion, though. I’ll be asking the club pros at each course what they think and what they hear. I know from seeing the parking lot at any one of the courses Fridays at around 3 p.m. that Suffolk has way more than its fair share of golfers. That’s also why a city of 80,000 people has five courses.

E-mail me at with nominations.

Good nominations also could be as simple as the scenery. Golfers keep golfing for innumerable reasons. Getting out for a good, relaxing, long walk is as valuable as any.

Lobby a little or a lot for the hole that keeps you coming back to play on Suffolk’s courses, even — or especially — if that hole usually ruins your whole scorecard. Will your scorecard be strong enough to make the cut? Stay tuned.