Teachers should communicate with parents

Published 7:26 pm Thursday, April 8, 2010

To the editor:

I am truly disappointed with King’s Fork High School.

I supplied my child’s teachers with five telephone contact numbers and an email address to form a partnership with them to help my child succeed. I used what the school has in place — Parent Connection — but they did not connect with me, because they never called. Yet my child was failing.

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Please answer this question: How could a person call herself a teacher and constantly put failing grades into a computer and never feel the need to contact the parent?

Do the schools in Suffolk promote failure? Where is the accountability?

I am an interested parent — who knows that her child is not perfect — who was here to work with the school, a telephone call away, and no one ever called.

I refuse to let my child become an educational casualty. So I wrote the school administration and some of the School Board members. Have I received an answer about my concerns? No.

The School Board members are elected. We do not need people to sit on a board who don’t care about our children getting the proper education. The teachers I am referring to must have accountability issues, or they are burnt out, because good ones would do their best to promote academic success.

I am aware that there are still some good teachers, but there are a lot of parents who want to take an active part in their children’s education. If they are not kept up to date, the children suffer, as in my case.

Some children do not have anyone to advocate for them. What happens to them when the school system drops the ball? They become victims of their environment.

I pray for the future of our youth.