College upgrades marketing program

Published 5:47 pm Friday, April 9, 2010

David Lydick, professor of Business Management at PDCCC, reports important changes in the college’s Business Management and Marketing programs. Several courses are no longer offered, but new courses and programs have been added.

Five courses from these programs are offered online during summer semester 2010. They include two traditional courses — Introduction to Business and Principles of Marketing — and two courses every aspiring supervisor or manager should have — Leadership Development and Human Resource Management.

Additionally, International Marketing and the newly added Principles of E-Commerce are being offered for business men and women looking for creative and potentially lucrative ways to decrease operating costs and increase revenues.

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Introduction to Business provides students with a number of career choices and options. It is considered a “must-do” course for undecided students or students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university.

Principles of Marketing provides students with many opportunities to “learn how to earn” in the financially lucrative field of marketing.

Leadership Development is not just for business people, but for all kinds of people — from coaches, politicians and civic leaders to teachers, government workers and others.

Human Resource Management is a “must” course for aspiring or new supervisors, first-level managers, and union shop stewards/officials. Participants learn how employers and their employees work with each other in our “employment-at-will” commonwealth.

International Marketing Management is an exciting, controversial and dynamic course that questions your thinking and challenges your mind. Local businesses already engage in a wide variety of international commerce. In this class, students will learn and share sales and marketing strategies on the global level.

Principles of E-Commerce combines a little technology with a lot of regional, national and international sales and marketing.

Introduction to E-Commerce provides a lot of “hands-on” technical practice with a little sales and marketing flavor. Professor Robert Tureman will be offering this class in the fall of 2010.

For more details on business and marketing programs and courses, call Professor Lydick at 925-6325 or email him at For information or other options available at PDCCC, visit or call 925-3564.