Keep ‘junkyard’ out of the neighborhood

Published 11:12 pm Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To the editor:

I just read the Tracy Agnew article regarding Mark McPherson’s proposal to bring another unsightly, unwanted junkyard — or whatever he wants to call it — into our neighborhood.

I lived across from that hideous place when I was growing up, and it did nothing to improve our neighborhood. Every time I got the chance, I complained to the owners about the unsightly trucks that parked in front of my parents’ home.

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After much complaining, the city finally put up No Parking signs on the residential side of the street. Although that afforded us the comfort of not having people parking in front of our house, we were still faced with the noise, traffic, and unsightly junk across the street. The owners did nothing to control it, nor did it matter to them that the place was unsightly.

That sort of business has no place in a residential community. Would the white people welcome it in their communities? I think not. Nor would the city allow it. A place such as that should be located in a business district and not in a residential area, where people are trying to raise their children in a loving, peaceful environment.

I recommend Mr. McPherson try to place this facility in a more affluent neighborhood and see how the homeowners there accept his recycling center!