More than just a day

Published 11:12 pm Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Being Earth Day, my stance on environmental issues has been on my mind.

I am not a particularly green individual. My family was never in to excessive energy or whale saving methods.

I couldn’t start to tell you about solar panels, and when environmentally friendly vehicles became all the rage my mom said the day she’d stop driving her Ford 350 would be “the day hell froze over.” She drove that monster through the gas price spikes, paying $5 a gallon and getting about 15 miles to each gallon.

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While we certainly never came close to being considered environmentalist, my parents did impress on us children that we ought to be good stewards of the things we’ve been given.

We did “paper not plastic,” had a separate bin for recycling, saved some recyclables for crafts, used energy efficient light bulbs — even though I still think they’re eyesores — and there was heck to pay if we didn’t turn out the lights in a room when we left it.

Since I left for college, my little sister began raising her own chickens so we’d have eggs, my family bought reusable grocery bags and my dad walks to work.

So, far as Earth Day was concerned, we never saved a rainforest or installed solar panels. We did what we did every day and paid homage to the day.

It’s a lot like Christmas, I suppose.

We were never what many people might consider hard core Christians. We were sold-out about our faith, but we weren’t extremists or separatists. My parents were both leaders in the church, we children were all active in the ministries and we live our lives according to our faith.

When Christmas came around, we all celebrated — albeit a bit more than we did Earth Day — and went about doing what we always do.

Whenever a holiday — whether it be Christmas, Easter or Earth Day — rolls around I’ve never been able to get too excited.

Celebrating Christmas once a year doesn’t make you a Christian, and planting a tree once a year doesn’t save the Earth.

The holidays serve as days that are inconsequential if you recognize it only once a year.

As far as saving the Earth goes, you don’t have to save a rainforest to make a difference. The little things you can do every day will add up.