So no to bigger government

Published 11:11 pm Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To the editor:

Soon, we will be slaves to our government.

Tell Washington to stop spending! Say no to more bailouts. Say no to cap-and-trade and “pork” spending. We need to repeal the unconstitutional health care bill. Our country is broke. Can you afford to pay more for fuel and electricity?

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Our leaders in Washington are pro-government control over everything, especially us. They are socialist and want to ignore our Constitution and take away all of our freedoms. There is a big plan to ruin the USA and make us into a country so weak that our only hope will be to lose our independence and join the planned one-world government.

The Obama plan on how to handle Iran is to make us a weaker nation, eliminate our missile defense system and get rid of our nukes so we cannot protect ourselves or Israel.

What is the next step? The VAT or value-added tax? This is a whole new level of tax that all of us would be required to pay every time we buy anything — clothes, food, etc. Already, we pay a city tax and a state tax on everything. Now they want to add a 10-percent or higher tax on everything we buy.

We must stop them. We each must call and write nonstop and tell our senators and congressmen “No!”