Alumni can still be involved with PDCCC

Published 10:08 pm Friday, April 23, 2010

The best advertising for Paul D. Camp is the success of our students, who hold a broad array of positions in diverse professions across the college’s service region and beyond.

Getting their start at the community college, they went on to become nurses, correctional officers, computer technicians, teachers, welders, industrial electricians, childcare providers, executive secretaries, business managers, bookkeepers, data entry clerks, maintenance mechanics, and medical office assistants—to name a few. And you would be surprised at how many former students are well placed right here in our community.

As we recall more than 38 years of providing access to higher education for citizens in Franklin, Isle of Wight, Southampton, and Suffolk, we are collecting student success stories. Thus, we ask that you share with us the stories you know.

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If you are a former student, we would like to learn where you are now and what you are doing. If you have friends, family, or acquaintances who have gone on to do well after beginning their educational quest at PDCCC, we want to hear from you!

To keep connected with us, we also invite former students who have completed a course, certificate, or degree at the College to join the PDCCC Alumni Society. A one-time membership fee is just $10.

Membership benefits include opportunities to network with faculty, staff and members of the community; participation in the life of the college through meaningful interactions with students and involvement with college activities; leadership roles in advancing the college; and recognition for alumni accomplishments.

PDCCC alumni can provide a positive influence on current students, faculty, and educational programs — and a direct impact on the future direction of the College and its image. Following are a few examples of opportunities for alumni participation: Student recruiters and mentors; advisory committee members; special events volunteers (commencement, annual golf tournament, etc.); student newsletter and Web page assistants; and scholarship facilitators and donors.

For more details on sharing success stories or joining the PDCCC Alumni Society, call Wendy Harrison, public relations specialist in the Office of Institutional Advancement, at 569-692.

For information on programs and other options at PDCCC, call 569-6700, or visit