Suffolk went to war

Published 9:06 pm Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Several years ago, Ben Plewes crafted a book of Suffolk’s World War II stories.

Plewes tracked down dozens of World War II veterans who hailed from Suffolk and told of their travels, experiences and battles in the war.

The book, “Suffolk Went to War,” is now on the shelves of the Morgan Memorial Library — but there remain stories still to be told.


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Plewes is looking for veterans of any war or conflict, including Iraq and Afghanistan, who are from Suffolk to include in upcoming books. He also would like to expand his collection of World War II narratives, he said.

Plewes did the original books because he knew there were stories to be told.

“A friend of mine came to me and said that her husband had so many stories to tell, and she was afraid they were going to go to the grave with him,” Plewes said. “I got to thinking, if he’s got something to tell, other people do as well.”

It was that beginning that resulted in the first book. However, since then, two new wars overseas have produced more veterans and more stories.

“If I can get enough people involved, I can do one each year, or have it all in one big book,” Plewes said. “I might as well add to it.”

Anyone who is a veteran, or knows of one, who would like to be included can contact Plewes at 685-2296. He also would like to hear from the living relatives of deceased veterans who recall several of their loved ones’ accounts of their service.