Nice day for Homearama

Published 6:39 pm Monday, May 17, 2010

After being told by numerous co-workers that the atmosphere inside the exhibitor tent at Homearama this weekend would be hot and miserable, I was prepared to spend a humid day passing out Suffolk Publications products to visitors of the home festival on Saturday.

However, it seems I chose the best day to sign up — the weather was breezy and relatively cool, I saw several people I know, and I got to work with my chipper fellow reporter, Leila Roche.

Leila and I spent about three hours handing out Suffolk Living magazines, Homearama magazines, newspapers and free packets of flower seeds, and signing people up for our door prize drawing for gifts from several local merchants. In between, we told dozens of visitors about the newspaper, the Suffolk Living magazine, the Web site and email newsletter, and the many specialty products we have, and learned from them about what they do.

Email newsletter signup

It was quite a different day “at work.” Most of the time, I ask people about what they do or have done. At Homearama, however, other people were doing the asking, and I was answering the questions. It made for a good opportunity to examine what I do from an outsider’s perspective, while at the same time promoting our products and having a little bit of fun.

I did not, however, get the chance to visit the houses, and I think I just may have to make another trip to Suffolk on my day off this weekend to check them out. I hear — from co-workers and from people who passed by on their way back from the tour Saturday — that the homes are fantastic.

I also enjoyed seeing the many types of people who visited the home tour — from people who were likely potential buyers to people who worked on the homes and were bringing their spouses to show off their work. Most folks, however, were there just for the fun of it — seeing the beautiful homes, gardens and accessories, as well as visiting the exhibitors and getting plenty of exercise.

I also was blessed to see the parents of someone I went to high school with and have a nice chat with them. It’s good to see encouraging friends again, and events like Homearama are usually a good place to run into someone you know.

I would encourage anyone who hasn’t yet been to Homearama to visit the tour.