A day of spiritual alignment

Published 8:54 pm Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For some people, life is about making the most of it. For others, life is about getting the most out of it. The two states of mind might sound similar, but they inform major differences in the way that lives are lived.

Which way one chooses to look at life controls the emotions that drive the thoughts in one’s mind and the decisions that are made based on those thoughts. That outlook affects the words from one’s mouth and the actions one takes.

But what do you do when you can no longer take or give any more, when life turns around and changes everything? One man I know has answered that question in a way that made me a witness to God’s glory.

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Before the recession, my friend was a multimillionaire. The economy caused his business to collapse, his true friends to reveal themselves and his heart to yearn for a place of true security.

He lost so much, but he held onto something important — the knowledge that God is God. He lost his fancy cars, but the engine of his heart still ran. He sold his possessions, but he didn’t allow the enemy to steal his soul.

He kept the faith, and therefore he kept his mind. He had his family, and therefore he had friends. He stayed with the Savior, and so he experienced restoration.

My friend, who lost what most would consider a fortune, gained what we all should want — a life. What seemed to be a day in which he took a loss turned out to be his day of spiritual alignment.

Don’t give up. Give to God, because it’s not over as long as you don’t quit.

Think about it. Agape.