30 years of work turns on the lights

Published 7:21 pm Monday, June 7, 2010

To the editor:

The installation of lights on one of the three fields at the Holland Athletic Complex is the reward for 30 years of community service by thousands of volunteers.

Installation of the lights will enhance all current programs by allowing more home games on weekdays, more practice time and more special events. The lights also give Holland Athletics more opportunities to reach out to the at-risk youth in our community and our sister communities in the city of Suffolk.


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The lights will substantially help us promote good health, sportsmanship, friendship, honor and pride through youth athletics. Holland Athletics will continue its growth pattern, and we hope to see lights installed on another field in the near future.

Holland Athletics appreciates the confidence that the City Council, city manager and the Department of Parks and Recreation has in our programs and will strive to continue to strengthen our relationship as partners in developing healthy young citizens.

Holland Athletics is a long-standing fixture in the community and has second- and third-generation coaches and players. Our organization is family-oriented and rich with historic attachment. The installation of the lights is another footnote in our history for the children to pass on to their children.

Leslie H. Matthews Jr.


Holland Athletics