Council’s decision on tribal land was ‘shameful’

Published 8:25 pm Thursday, July 22, 2010

To the editor:

I join Sandy McCready and the Nansemond tribe in believing that the city’s refusal to grant the tribe land is utterly shameful.

To deny people use of land is one thing. To deny a race of people — in this case of tribe of the Native American race — land that is theirs by right of ancestry is absolutely deplorable. Their people were here before our people.

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The decision comes across as racism at the administrative and institutional level.

The tribe seems to have done everything possible for 10 years to comply with City Council’s demands, and it seems that City Council intentionally created barriers so that the tribe could not plan appropriately and therefore comply.

Is there anyone in the community who has the fortitude, capability and willingness to stand up with the tribe and help them secure something that is so near and dear to their hearts?

Kevin Snashall