Keeping up with the changes

Published 7:27 pm Monday, August 9, 2010

Some would say you should never change a good thing. Some might argue that when something is going in the right direction, you shouldn’t mess with it.

Well, there’s a lot to be said for such sage advice, but when it comes to information technologies and the availability of information, the only consistent thing is change.

Next week, you will see a redesigned and improved In it, you will find plenty of changes in how we present the latest news and information from around Suffolk, along with some improved capabilities, specifically in the availability of video.


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In June 2009, a little more than 64,000 people visited It was a viable part of our company’s strategy, but was falling well short of what we expected in potential traffic.

In July 2009 we committed ourselves to placing the same level of importance on our existing digital products as we did the newspaper and dedicated ourselves to expanding our digital reach through new features, new products and improved content.

In September, we launched the daily news e- mail. Not only did it help reach thousands of new readers, it also helped accelerate the growth of our web traffic.

We also focused on providing more regular web updates, specialized content and forging a much closer connection with our social media components such as Facebook and Twitter.

One year later we have nearly doubled our traffic, reaching well over 101,000 visitors just last month.

Now we are using this revised site and improved capabilities to further grow this portion of our business.

We already offer the city’s largest circulated newspaper, a quarterly magazine enjoyed by thousands and daily emails that reach even more of our market each and every morning. By improving the website, we are taking another step in better serving the thousands of readers who log in each morning and at different times throughout the day.

This company, Suffolk Publications, has as its core belief that it should do whatever it takes to serve the people of Suffolk and the surrounding communities. We call this city home, just like most of our readers, and it is important not just to our business model, but also to our mission as a community newspaper, to adapt in how we meet the demands of a changing Suffolk.

There’s no telling what the best way to share news and information will be 20 years from now, but what we can predict is that we will adapt to make sure you get the news you want and the information you need.

In today’s media world, the old saying that “the more things change the more they stay the same,” may not be completely accurate.