Turkey shoot revived in Suffolk

Published 10:49 pm Thursday, November 11, 2010

It’s been years since there has been a decent turkey shoot in Suffolk, according to Michael Barnes. He is about to change all that.

Barnes is helping organize a turkey shoot for this weekend at 1146 Audubon Road, also known as Byrum Farm in Chuckatuck.

“There are a lot of people in the area who want a good turkey shoot,” Barnes said. “It’s been six or seven years since there was a good one. I was traveling to Richmond just about every weekend to go to one, and I know there’s enough shooters in the area to have one here.”

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Registration begins at 11 a.m. Saturday. Shooting starts at noon.

The event rules indicate no barrel limits and no scopes. Rifle sights are allowed.

According to Barnes, who has been participating in turkey shoots for at least 25 years, the nearest turkey shoot is in Hickory and lasts for only a few months.

“I’d had guys asking me years ago to do a turkey shoot, and it just never worked out,” Barnes said.

After meeting a man whose family owned a suitable piece of property in Chuckatuck, the two put their heads together to pull off the event.

“It just took off, all of a sudden,” Barnes said. “I’m just about tired of digging post holes now, and we’re ready to get things off the ground.”

He anticipates there will be between 30 and 40 rounds, including one children’s round for any younger shooters. The number of rounds will vary depending on the number of folks who show up.

Each round costs $3-$5, depending on the prize for that round.

Barnes is anticipating 30-50 shooters, but said he wouldn’t be surprised if more come.

Prizes include turkeys, hams, gift certificates and cash.

Proceeds will be used to help maintain the property, such as installing outdoor lighting to allow nighttime shooting, and a portion will be donated to local charities and nonprofits, such as the Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department.

The shoots will continue through February and pick up again next year, Barnes said.

“We really want to create an entertaining shoot for those who want to come out for a good time,” Barnes said. “It can be a family affair. People sometimes organize cookouts, and it’s always a good time.”

For more information, contact Barnes at 288-6167.