St. Andrews adds early service

Published 7:31 pm Friday, January 7, 2011

A new early morning worship service will begin at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Suffolk on Sunday.

The Rev. Dr. Keith M. Curran stands with the new Jerusalem Cross that member Morris Bander made for use as a logo for the new Morning Prayer service at 8 a.m. on Sundays at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church on Bridge Road.

The 8 a.m., informal Morning Prayer will be a 40- to 45-minute worship experience based on the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship.

The Rev. Dr. Keith M. Curran, lead pastor of the church, will give the morning message, entitled “Eyes of Faith.” Music will be by guitarist Rick Martin.

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The 8 a.m. service will be added as a weekly worship opportunity that includes a 9 a.m. contemporary service and an 11 a.m. traditional worship service.

The new 8 a.m. Morning Prayer is designed for those who enjoy the early hour, as well as those who may have work on Sunday or have family obligations that keep them away from the more traditional service times, church leaders said.

“It is also designed to be very informal, with a ‘coffeehouse’ feel to it, for those in the neighborhood who may like something a little bit different in their worship,” Curran said. “We’re hoping Morning Prayer will fill a niche that has not been tapped into, as yet. I believe this new service goes along with our outdoor prayer labyrinth, as we’d like to be a church that welcomes those who enjoy worshiping in a variety of ways. ”

The logo for Morning Prayer is the Jerusalem Cross, a central cross surrounded by 4 smaller crosses representing the four corners of the compass. The backdrop display cross was crafted by church member Morris Bander for use at this new service, which will be held in St. Andrew Hall.

The church is located at 1885 Bridge Road in North Suffolk. More details about the new service can be found at