Chuckatuck native loves to sing the blues

Published 10:25 pm Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It could be that the voice you’ve heard singing blues on the radio and the face of that musician at Driver Days were familiar.


Perhaps you shared a class at John Yeates High School with this performer, or maybe you or a friend inspired a song written by Miller.

Before her days of widespread fame, you may have witnessed Suffolk native Lisa Glasscock Miller performing as a youth in her church choir, or even as a teen performing rock and roll.

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Miller’s album, “Out of the Blues” was released in October. This is the first album for the 50-year-old singer.

And as Miller explained, “Many of my songs are inspired by life experiences.”

In fact, “State of Mind,” the sixth of 10 songs featured on Miller’s album, was written about her hometown of Chuckatuck. It was the first song she ever wrote.

For Miller, the creation of this solo album was a two and a half year project that involved a number of other musicians, as well as Vaughn Thomas of Crosswired Productions, who recorded and produced the album.

“I’m thankful for the quality musicians that agreed to do this CD with me,” Miller said. “They did an outstanding job.”

Miller regularly performs in Staunton, where she currently performs as part of a blues trio with musicians Kevin Chisnell and Jack Roy. But Miller doesn’t have the opportunity to perform in Suffolk as often as she would like.

Miller’s last performance in the area was at the 2010 Driver Days the week after her album was released.

“I’d like to get down there more often,” Miller said. “It was a great experience. It was nice to have my father and sister there for that.”

Of the 10 songs on the album, Miller wrote six and co-wrote the other four.

The song “Talk, Talk, Talk,” which is played on WFOS 88.7, was penned when Miller re-entered the dating scene after her divorce. She wrote about a man she met at a bar who spent the entire evening talking, never stopping to listen.

Another song, “Drama Queen,” was inspired by women and men who — as the song’s title suggests — intentionally bring attention to themselves.

“Find the Joy” was written to inspire people coming out of difficult times to find happiness.

Although Miller enjoys listening to many types of music, including rock and roll, country and jazz, she is most interested in performing blues at this point in her life.

“It just feels right,” she explained. “My low vocal range fits blues well. It’s what I feel most comfortable playing and singing.”

“One thing that I like about the blues is that it is very much about rural life and life experiences. It’s good quality music with a good story to tell,” she said.

Miller’s love for music and performing began with her mother.

“We all started out with music,” she explained.

Miller’s mother, Betty Jane Staples Glasscock, to whom the album is dedicated, was a piano teacher, member of Pickard Choral community choir, and choir director at their church, Wesley Chapel United Methodist.

“Because of her, we all grew up singing and playing in public. It’s not foreign at all for me to do that,” Miller said.