SNH plans change

Published 10:17 pm Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Readers,

For more than 135 years, the Suffolk News-Herald and its predecessors have been valued and trusted members of this community. Ever since the Suffolk News merged with its competitor, the weekly Suffolk Herald, in 1929, area readers have come to know the News-Herald as their hometown paper and a partner in building a better community.

A newspaper’s greatest purpose is to provide its community with news and information that is essential to the planning, decisions and understanding of those who live in that community. We take that calling very seriously here at the Suffolk News-Herald, and we understand that in doing so, we help to bring together the geographically and demographically diverse citizenry that comprises the vast city Suffolk has become.

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In recent years, as we have taken stock of our end of the community-building partnership, one thing has become clear: Our pricing structure has left a significant portion of the community out of that partnership. Many people in Suffolk, we have come to understand, have been unable to reap the benefits of the public discussion that takes place on the pages of our newspaper because of its price.

But we want to make community news available to every citizen of Suffolk, regardless of ability to pay. Therefore, beginning with the July 5 issue, the Suffolk News-Herald will be distributed free at more than 200 racks, newsstands and dealers throughout the city.

We’re excited about this change, as we have always desired that the newspaper get the widest audience of Suffolk readers available. We believe that the increased readership the change brings will be good for our advertisers, good for our readers and good for the people and organizations that rely on the Suffolk News-Herald to tell their stories to as many people as possible. In the long run, we believe the change will be good for Suffolk, as well, in that a broader readership means more partners in the shared effort to build a cohesive community.

We do not seek to take anything away from anybody. Current subscriptions will be honored until they expire. And those who feel strongly about receiving the newspaper via delivery each day will continue to have options.

Home delivery will be available to those who live within a core area of historic Suffolk at a cost of $25 per month. For those who live outside that area but still wish to have the paper delivered each day, same-day mail delivery is available at a cost of $17 per month. For mail-delivery customers, Sunday papers will be delivered with their Monday mail. For more information about delivery options, call Yvette Brozzo at 934-9606 or email

If you’d prefer to save the money, though, remember that the newspaper will be available free every day at locations around the city. See a full list of those locations on Page B2. And access to stories on our website,, is always free and available.

We thank you for your continued trust in and support of the Suffolk News-Herald, and we look forward to having you as readers for many years to come. And we encourage you, if you have questions, to call us. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your concerns.

Res Spears



Susan Holley

General Manager