Chuckatuck pizza place serves up a good time

Published 10:16 pm Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nikki Tsipliareles, who owns Jimmy’s Pizza and Subs with her husband, Jimmy, greets restaurant regulars Archie Hilton and Noel Horne. The restaurant, which opened in 2009, recently expanded its location include a game room for its guests that features billiards, darts, cornhole and other games as well as live entertainment on select nights.

In Chuckatuck, residents don’t have to switch on their TVs to find a place where everybody knows their names.

All they need to do is hop over to Jimmy’s Pizza and Subs, where the staff is serving up fun and games in addition to tasty food and a good atmosphere after a recent expansion.

The restaurant, which opened on King’s Highway in November 2009, opened up its walls about two weeks ago to include a new recreation section.

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“There’s nothing close by for people to go to and have fun,” said Nikki Tsipliareles, who owns the restaurant with her husband Jimmy. “A lot of locals have told us it would be nice to have a place to hang out and relax.”

And when the owner of the collectibles shop next to Jimmy’s decided to close up and work from home, Nikki and Jimmy decided to stretch their legs into the neighboring location and give the people what they want.

“Everyone who comes in says they love it,” she said.

When guests walk into Jimmy’s now, they are still welcomed with delicious smells of calzones and steak subs and the comfort of a bar stool with their name on it, but just to the left, there’s something more.

In contrast to the deep reds and browns in the main dining section, the game room features bright green and blue walls, complemented by the sounds of cues hitting pool balls into pockets, beanbags hitting cornhole boards, darts hitting their targets and the laughter of the regulars.

“There’s a little bit of everything over there,” Nikki said.

Although the new area has only been open for about two weeks, she said, they have been seeing lots of locals stopping by every night around 7:30 to enjoy themselves.

“Folks have had their supper, and they are ready to come out and relax,” Nikki said.

In addition to making a spot for their loyal customers to unwind, Nikki and Jimmy invited guests to decorate the room by asking for treasures to put on the walls.

“We told them, ‘Anything you would to like to see, bring it in and we’ll put it up,’” Nikki said. “It’s really been a lot of fun for the customers. People have been bringing things left and right.”

Customers have brought in an eclectic selection of décor for the walls, including a handmade leather whip, an antique hatchet, a large waterman’s knot and a photo of the old King’s Highway Bridge.

“It’s been a really interesting experience,” Nikki said. “It makes you feel very welcomed, like you are part of the community.”

The expansion has also created a space for the restaurant to have live entertainment.

In fact, Jimmy’s had its first karaoke night Thursday, which featured amateur singers of all ages.

“Karaoke seemed to be a big hit,” she said. “It gives everyone an opportunity to have a good time.”

Nikki added she wants to have live music at Jimmy’s on a weekly basis. This Friday, two brothers who call themselves “Hicktown” will perform.

Nikki said while they are still working out the details, she is hopeful the new spot will offer the community a place for people to let their hair down.

One of Jimmy’s regulars, known at the restaurant just as Flick, said he’s been coming to Jimmy’s since it opened because it has such a friendly atmosphere, and the expansion just adds to that.

“You remember that show ‘Cheers’ when you wanted a place where everyone knows your name,” he said. “That’s what you have here.”