Suffolk schools compete in SED track meet

Published 7:54 pm Saturday, February 4, 2012

By Titus Mohler


Lakeland, Nansemond River, and Kings Fork high schools produced some strong performances in the Southeastern District Regular Season Meet at the Boo Williams Sportsplex on Wednesday.

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For this particular meet, schools were resting some of their top performers in preparation for the district championships next week.

Still, Lakeland track coach Gregory Rountree said, some members of the team were improving their scores in preparation.

Lakeland’s Jordan Hardiman finished first in the boys’ high jump with a successful leap of 6’4”. Lakeland’s girls 4×800-meter relay ‘A’ team also finished first with a time of 10:37.07.

Rountree was hoping they would beat their previous record of 10:18.89, but that came in a tight race, unlike Wednesday. “It’s hard to run without that competition,” he said.

Coming in first in the girls’ long jump was Malika Rashid of Nansemond River with a jump of 17’1.75”.

Nansemond River’s Zakiya Rashid qualified for the state championship in girls’ shot put with her distance of 36’2.5”. The girls’ track coach for the Warriors, Marissa Post, was impressed, noting that Rashid is a freshman and also that it is unusual to qualify for states at this stage.

Nansemond River also claimed first place with its ‘A’ teams in both the girls’ and boys’ 4×400-meter relay with times of 4:08.68 and 3:31.25, respectively.

The Southeastern District Championships take place next Wednesday at the Boo Williams Sportsplex.

Wednesday’s Results:

Women’s team rankings (15 events scored)

1) Western Branch, 182

2) Grassfield, 71

3) Hickory, 69

4) Great Bridge, 56

5) Lakeland, 52

6) Nansemond River, 43

7) Indian River, 41

8) Kings Fork, 30

9) Deep Creek, 25


Men’s team rankings (15 events scored)

1) Western Branch, 154.50

2) Grassfield, 93

3) Oscar Smith, 81

4) Hickory, 63

5) Nansemond River, 54

6) Lakeland, 46

7) Deep Creek, 36

8) Kings Fork, 21

9) Indian River, 17.50

10) Great Bridge, 8



Girls High Jump: 5th-Middleton, Kieaira, NR J4-08.00


Boys High Jump: 1st-Hardiman, Jordan, L 6-04.00, 5th-May, Kentrail, NR 5-06.00, 5th-Roberts, Keon, NR 5-06.00


Girls Pole Vault: 4th-Wash, Gabrielle, L J8-06.00, 6th-Myles, Te’Shaibrah, KF J8-06.00, 8th-Whitfield, Curtisha, KF 6-06.00


Boys Pole Vault: 4th-Kelly, Robert, KF 8-00.00


Girls Long Jump: 1st-Rashid, Malika, NR 17-01.75, 2nd-Cloudeh, Khadijah, L 16-09.75, 8th-Patterson, Markelle, NR 15-11.50, 10th-Patterson, Desiree, NR 15-00.50


Boys Long Jump: 5th-Garrett, Quantelius, NR 21-03.50, 9th-Williams, Dante, L 19-09.00


Girls Triple Jump: 6th-Cloudeh, Khadijah, L 30-04.00


Boys Triple Jump: 5th-Jones, Kyle, L 38-05.75, 6th-Rountree, Gregory, L 38-01.00, 9th-Williams, Dante, L 35-08.75, 10th-Green, Josh, NR 35-05.75


Girls Shot Put: 3rd-Rashid, Zakiya, NR 36-02.50, 4th-Smenda, Aurielle, KF 31-04.00


Boys Shot Put: 9th-Stills, Desmond, NR 35-04.75


Girls 4×800 Meter Relay: 1st-Lakeland ‘A’ 10:37.07, 5th-Nansemond River ‘A’ 11:28.51


Boys 4×800 Meter Relay: 4th-Kings Fork ‘A’ 9:29.12, 5th-Lakeland ‘A’ 9:44.84


Girls 55 Meter Hurdles: 11th-Hicks, Kendall, L 13.72


Boys 55 Meter Hurdles: 2nd-Garrett, Quantelius, NR 7.82, 3rd-Turner, Ryan, L 8.17, 5th-Ralph, Jerell, L 8.97, 6th-Mason, William, L 9.08, 9th-Cross, Corinth, NR 9.64, 10th-Anderson, Justin, NR 10.15


Girls 55 Meter Dash: 2nd-Snipes, Gabrielle, KF 7.42, 6th-Gray, Anaya, NR 7.78, 8th-Rashid, Zakiya, NR 7.94, 9th-Myles, Te’Shaibrah, KF 8.03


Boys 55 Meter Dash: 6th-Johnson, Darrell, KF 6.85, 8th-Sims, Steven, NR 6.89, 9th-Bratcher, Fentrell, NR 6.91, 14th-Foster, Wendell, NR 6.98


Girls 4×200 Meter Relay: 2nd-Kings Fork ‘A’ 1:50.65, 5th-Nansemond River ‘A’ 1:54.83, 6th-Lakeland ‘A’ 1:58.14


Boys 4×200 Meter Relay: 3rd-Kings Fork ‘A’ 1:34.26, 4th-Nansemond River ‘A’ 1:35.09, 6th-Lakeland ‘A’ 1:36.52,


Girls 1600 Meter Run: 3rd-Albright, Jamee, L 5:39.89, 4th-Albright, Alexis, L 5:40.37, 9th-Paul, Lauren, NR 6:36.87


Boys 1600 Meter Run: 11th-Hagberg, Addison, NR 5:25.93, 12th-Bailey, Cole, Kings Fork 5:27.64


Girls 500 Meter Run: 4th-Copeland, Alexus, L 1:26.32, 10th-Hashigami, Kana, KF 1:30.60


Boys 500 Meter Run: 4th-Cross, Corinth, NR 1:10.14, 5th-Demiel, Deonte, L 1:11.10, 6th-Chandler, Nathaniel, NR 1:11.37, 11th-Rountree, Gregory, L 1:13.86, 12th-Jones, Marquel, NR 1:14.79


Girls 1000 Meter Run: 8th-Vick, Kristen, L 3:28.33, 9th-Knight, Jackie, KF 3:30.93


Boys 1000 Meter Run: 8th-Littlejohn, Benjamin, NR 2:56.44, 10th-Ramos, Miguel, KF 2:58.27


Girls 300 Meter Run: 7th-Spady, Roneka, KF 45.58, 7th-Copeland, Alexus, L 45.58, 11th-Riddick, Lacresha, L 47.17


Boys 300 Meter Run: 4th-Philson, Jason, NR 37.07, 5th-Garrett, Quantelius, NR 37.28, 6th-May, Kentrail, NR 37.65, 11th-Stokley, Jordan, L 39.50


Boys 3200 Meter Run: 7th-Sausen, Daniel, KF 11:38.44


Girls 4×400 Meter Relay: 1st-Nansemond River ‘A’ 4:08.68, 4th-Kings Fork ‘A’ 4:31.84, 5th-Lakeland ‘A’ 4:35.24


Boys 4×400 Meter Relay: 1st-Nansemond River ‘A’ 3:31.25, 4th-Lakeland ‘A’ 3:44.70