Time to get back to true black culture

Published 9:31 pm Saturday, March 24, 2012

By Domenick Epps

Racial profiling is about more than just ignorance. It leads to the arrest and even death of innocent men and women whose color doesn’t shout, “Kill me because I’m black!” but says only, “Respect me, because I’m me.”

We pray for the family of Trayvaun Martin and the families of all who have been torn by this sad tragedy and the countless events around the world, even in our dear city of Suffolk. But I’ve got something to say that may not get a lot of likes on FaceBook or many retweets on Twitter.


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I’ve learned through even my own life that in this day we African-Americans are quick to rally around the externals of events that affect us when it comes to racial injustice, but we fail to address our own issues.

Statistically there are more blacks killing blacks than any other race, but we grown to accept it, just as we accept the “n” word if it comes from the mouth of our own. Tune in to BET and watch and listen to what your child sees that passes for “black culture.”

The real problem is not redistricting, it’s not a torn-down recreation center, nor is it the “system.” What is it? It’s what many have accepted as the culture, when its not black culture at all.

True black culture comes from hard-working men and women who didn’t result to killing their brothers and sisters by selling them drugs as a source of income. True black culture is mothers out working, instead of waiting on a welfare check. True black culture is business owners, renowned men who were fathers, not just baby daddies. True black culture came from men and women who served time in jail for standing up for justice and not for murder and robbery.

So I ask this: When are we going to stop killing ourselves? The young generation needs pure role models and not rap stars who make millions by promoting the “Street Life.”

Here is something to rally about — bringing back the culture of our ancestors. Agape!

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