Another step in the journey

Published 10:50 pm Saturday, June 2, 2012

In this issue of the Suffolk News-Herald, you’ll find coverage of the Nansemond-Suffolk Academy graduation ceremonies. Next Sunday, we’ll bring coverage of the First Baptist Church School graduation, and the following week, coverage of graduation ceremonies at King’s Fork, Lakeland and Nansemond River high schools.

Graduating seniors from those schools have been showcased this week in a series of special sections, and the valedictorians have been saluted with front-page profile stories that began late last week and will continue on Tuesday.

That’s a big commitment of news space to a group of young people, but it’s a commitment for which we consider them worthy and deserving. And it’s a commitment we at the Suffolk News-Herald look forward to fulfilling every year.


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Many members of the Class of 2012 likely made their debut in this paper nearly two decades ago in an issue of “Letters to Santa.” In the years since, we’ve had the honor of chronicling many of their endeavors on these very pages.

From honor roll announcements and Scouting events to athletic achievements and service to their community, these seniors have given us all much to be proud of over the years, and it’s an honor for us to have had a front-row seat for much of it.

To the Class of 2012, you’ve achieved a milestone that should bring you and your families a tremendous amount of joy and pride, and we wish you nothing but success and fulfillment as you venture on to a new and exciting phase in your lives.

We at the Suffolk News-Herald look forward to continuing to follow your journey and report on your successes in the years to come, and we hope for the best for each and every one of you.