Foodbank gets big donation

Published 10:45 pm Thursday, August 8, 2013

Peanut Proud delivered seven pallets of peanut butter this week to the Federation of Virginia Food Banks. The seven food banks across the commonwealth will receive a total of 10,080 jars of Peanut Proud peanut butter.

Peanut Proud, headquartered in Blakely, Ga., is a nonprofit organization representing all segments of the peanut industry. Established a few years ago when peanut consumption was down, it has evolved into the industry’s vehicle for charitable and emergency donations, supported by contributions from both within and outside of the peanut industry.

Earlier this year, Peanut Proud responded to the devastation in Oklahoma caused by tornadoes with a 60,000-jar donation in coordination with local relief efforts.


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In support of the food banks in peanut-growing states and their constant need for nutritious food items, Peanut Proud has delivered 22 pallets of peanut butter this week to the North and South Carolina and Virginia food banks.

“We have had to rely on the generosity of the community to restock our warehouses with peanut butter lately due to the growing need in communities across the state,” said Leslie Van Horn, executive director of the Federation of Virginia Food Banks.

“Food Bank shelves are typically pretty bare during this time of the summer, so our heartfelt thanks to Peanut Proud and its members for providing us such a great protein shelf stable item.”

Dell Cotton, executive director of the Virginia Peanut Growers Association, added, “It is nice to know that this donation was made possible as a result of contributions to Peanut Proud from our own industry. I am particularly pleased that all of the food banks in Virginia’s Federation will reap the benefits of this nutritious product for those they serve.”