Suffolk excels in conference pool

Published 8:31 pm Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lakeland High School senior Casey White won the title in the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:26.66 on Friday in Newport News.

Lakeland High School senior Casey White won the title in the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:26.66 on Friday in Newport News.

Nansemond River High School’s girls’ and boys’ swim teams produced dominant wins at the 2014 Ironclad Conference Swim Championship Meet, which concluded on Friday at the Brittingham-Midtown Aquatic Center in Newport News.

Lakeland High School girls’ team registered a landmark finish, placing second in the conference. All three Suffolk public schools were represented by title winners and a crowd of regional qualifiers. Only Denbigh High School’s boys’ team managed to finish ahead of a Suffolk school.

NR head coach Shamus Riley said, “We felt wonderful, me and the rest of the coaching staff,” in reaction to both of their teams’ performances. Each won by at least 142 points.


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Of the 22 events, Nansemond River had 16 No. 1 seeds coming out of Thursday’s preliminary round. On Friday, the school ended up with 15 title winners. Team finishes in all six relay events and 46 individual finishes resulted in regional qualification.

During prelims, sophomore Logan Eubanks posted a regional qualifying time in the 100-yard butterfly and a state qualifying time in the 100-yard backstroke. He was already qualified for regionals in the 200-yard freestyle and for states in the 500-yard freestyle. He won the conference title in the 100 fly and 100 back.

Junior Michael Betts qualified for states and broke school records in the 200-yard individual medley and the 100-yard breaststroke during prelims. He won titles in both events on Friday.

Both swimmers enjoyed further success on the relay teams. The 400-yard freestyle relay team qualified for states during prelims, also including junior Cody Edwards and senior Jacob Hopple. In the finals, Betts, Edwards, Eubanks and sophomore River Fiedler propelled the 200-yard medley relay to state qualification.

“The girls were the big surprise for us,” Riley said. “They really showed up. It was a very big surprise for the team. I had a feeling that they were the front runner coming into the conference, but they definitely surpassed my expectations in overall scores and places.”

Nansemond River’s girls were 196 points ahead of their nearest competitor, but Friday was an exciting day for the runner up, Lakeland’s girls. The Lakeland boys also finished fourth, ahead of Phoebus High School.

“They made school history last night and it took all of them, from the slowest swimmer to the fastest swimmer, to do so,” Lakeland head coach Beth Brant wrote in an email. “The looks on their faces when they found out that they had placed above other schools and that some had qualified for regionals, two goals this team has never accomplished before, was priceless.”

Senior Casey White won the conference title in the girls’ 100-yard breaststroke. Lakeland recorded regional qualification with 13 individual finishes and three relay team finishes on Friday.

King’s Fork High School’s teams both placed third. On Friday, they yielded 16 individual finishes and six relay team finishes worthy of regionals.

Senior Hunter Lowe finished with a state qualifying time in the 50-yard freestyle and won first in the conference. Also taking home titles were sophomore Sonora Curliss, who won the girls’ 500-yard freestyle and 100-yard backstroke, and sophomore Carlee Morse, who won the 50-yard freestyle.

The top six individual finishers and top three relay finishers qualified for regionals.

The Group 4A South regional championships take place Monday at the Brittingham-Midtown Aquatic Center.

Following are the results from the 2014 Ironclad Conference Swim Championship Meet:

Boys’ team scores

1) Nansemond River High School, 536
2) Denbigh High School, 394
3) King’s Fork High School, 370
4) Lakeland High School, 198
5) Phoebus High School, 80

Girls’ team scores

1) Nansemond River High School, 539,
2) Lakeland High School, 343,
3) King’s Fork High School, 327, 4) Phoebus High School, 78,
5) Denbigh High School, 42

Event results

  • Boys’ 200-yard medley relay: 1st-Nansemond River ‘A’, 1:47.18; 2nd-Denbigh ‘A’, 1:54.72; 3rd-King’s Fork ‘A’, 1:56.43
  • Girls’ 200-yard medley relay: 1st-Nansemond River ‘A’, 2:20.39; 2nd-Lakeland ‘A’, 2:28.85; 3rd-King’s Fork ‘A’, 2:30.76
  • Boys’ 200-yard freestyle: 1st-Cody Edwards (NR), 1:58.28; 2nd-Jacob Hopple (NR), 2:04.64; 3rd-Tim Hairsine (KF), 2:11.83; 4th-Nick Morrison (D), 2:17.55; 5th-Ryan Pentecost (NR), 2:19.83; 6th-Charles Shieler (D), 2:21.01
  • Girls’ 200-yard freestyle: 1st-Jordan Stockman (NR), 2:28.49; 2nd-Kaitlyn Higgins (NR), 2:30.76; 3rd-Sendi Begovic (D), 2:31.30; 4th-Madison Rivoir (NR), 2:42.15; 5th-Rebecca Bangley (KF), 2:45.28; 6th-Jenna Marvin (L), 2:57.75
  • Boys’ 200-yard individual medley: 1st-Michael Betts (NR), 2:07.20; 2nd-Hugh Long (KF), 2:21.80; 3rd-Daniel Kent (NR), 2:27.57; 4th-William Troy (P), 2:32.93; 5th-River Fiedler (NR), 2:38.56; 6th-Jacob Hanny (D), 2:38.93
  • Girls’ 200-yard individual medley: 1st-Meghan Pearl (NR), 3:00.47; 2nd-Taylor Pearl (NR), 3:05.34; 3rd-Casey White (L), 3:13.09; 4th-Dawn Wright (NR), 3:13.64; 5th-Abigail Stopyra (NR), 3:13.83; 6th-Isabella Naccarato (KF), 3:39.61
  • Boys’ 50-yard freestyle: 1st-Hunter Lowe (KF), 22.87; 2nd-Miguel Kloc (D), 23.67; 3rd-Corbin Morse (KF), 24.51; 4th-Donte Cartagena (NR), 24.59; 5th-Joe Parfitt (D), 25.32; 6th-Cody Lawrence (L), 26.48
  • Girls’ 50-yard freestyle: 1st-Carlee Morse (KF), 27.50; 2nd-Claire Janek (NR), 27.86; 3rd-Zoe Dalton (NR), 29.13; 4th-Sendi Begovic (D), 30.01; 5th-Kendall Webster (NR), 30.27; 6th-Leia Dotson (L), 31.34
  • Boys’ 100-yard butterfly: 1st-Logan Eubanks (NR), 59.16; 2nd-Sean Du (D), 1:01.74; 3rd-Alex Kaye (KF), 1:06.19; 4th-Jonathan Sharpe (NR), 1:07.86; 5th-Logan O’Leary (NR), 1:09.36; 6th-Jacob Hanny (D), 1:17.33
  • Girls’ 100-yard butterfly: 1st-Cali Valdivieso (NR), 1:22.11; 2nd-Kendall Webster (NR), 1:23.36; 3rd-Cheyenne Salmon (L), 1:33.86; 4th-Felicia Elliot (NR), 1:35.60; 5th-Isabella Naccarato (KF), 1:46.50
  • Boys’ 100-yard freestyle: 1st-Jacob Hopple (NR), 55.65; 2nd-Tim Hairsine (KF), 58.27; 3rd-Joe Parfitt (D), 58.70; 4th-Caleb Wassman (NR), 58.87; 5th-Nick Morrison (D), 58.96; 6th-Kyle Corbett (KF), 1:00.16
  • Girls’ 100-yard freestyle: 1st-Claire Janek (NR), 1:03.24; 2nd-Zoe Dalton (NR), 1:06.14; 3rd-Alexis Wingate (L), 1:15.21; 4th-Maribel Fox (P), 1:15.49; 5th-Amber Hoggard (L), 1:21.32; 6th-Jessica Cordner (P), 1:21.88
  • Boys’ 500-yard freestyle: 1st-Sean Du (D), 5:22.54; 2nd-Cody Edwards (NR), 5:32.26; 3rd-Hugh Long (KF), 5:49.28; 4th-Daniel Kent (NR), 6:10.90; 5th-Ryan Pentecost (NR), 6:33.13; 6th-Bradley Starek (D), 6:35.75
  • Girls’ 500-yard freestyle: 1st-Sonora Curliss (KF), 6:40.29; 2nd-Kaitlyn Higgins (NR), 6:58.38; 3rd-Carlee Morse (KF), 6:58.59; 4th-Jordan Stockman (NR), 7:29.18; 5th-Dawn Wright (NR), 7:33.98; 6th-Shannon Drewry (L), 10:06.27
  • Boys’ 200-yard freestyle relay: 1st-Denbigh ‘A’, 1:38.80; 2nd-Nansemond River ‘A’, 1:41.13; 3rd-King’s Fork ‘A’, 1:42.93
  • Girls’ 200-yard freestyle relay: 1st-Nansemond River ‘A’, 1:59.17; 2nd-Lakeland ‘A’, 2:16.12; 3rd-King’s Fork ‘A’, 2:26.84
  • Boys’ 100-yard backstroke: 1st-Logan Eubanks (NR), 55.97; 2nd-Hunter Lowe (KF), 1:06.50; 3rd-Donte Cartagena (NR), 1:08.82; 4th-Nathan Cole (D), 1:11.95; 5th-Caleb Wassman (NR), 1:16.21; 6th-Brayden D’Aurora (NR), 1:18.67
  • Girls’ 100-yard backstroke: 1st-Sonora Curliss (KF), 1:17.36; 2nd-Natalie Kuhn (NR), 1:20.32; 3rd-Leia Dotson (L), 1:23.61; 4th-Cali Valdivieso (NR), 1:24.70; 5th-Madison Rivoir (NR), 1:25.71; 6th-Jenna Marvin (L), 1:27.97
  • Boys’ 100-yard breaststroke: 1st-Michael Betts (NR), 1:04.22; 2nd-Miguel Kloc (D), 1:08.78; 3rd-William Troy (P), 1:10.46; 4th-River Fiedler (NR), 1:15.92; 5th-Jonathan Sharpe (NR), 1:18.10; 6th-Gregory Epps (L), 1:19.59
  • Girls’ 100-yard breaststroke: 1st-Casey White (L), 1:26.66; 2nd-Meghan Pearl (NR), 1:27.96; 3rd-Alexis Wingate (L), 1:30.10; 4th-Amelia Feagans (P), 1:30.61; 5th-Abigail Stopyra (NR), 1:33.02; 6th-Taylor Pearl (NR), 1:34.14
  • Boys’ 400-yard freestyle relay: 1st-Nansemond River ‘A’, 3:33.71; 2nd-King’s Fork ‘A’, 3:43.16; 3rd-Denbigh ‘A’, 4:13.30
  • Girls’ 400-yard freestyle relay: 1st-Nansemond River ‘A’, 4:26.99; 2nd-King’s Fork ‘A’, 4:45.19; 3rd-Lakeland ‘A’, 5:31.84