Alphin joins NCC ‘Emerging Leaders’

Published 10:42 pm Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chris Alphin, a Windsor cotton ginner, is participating in the first of three training sessions in the National Cotton Council’s 2014-15 Emerging Leaders Program.

Sponsored by a grant to The Cotton Foundation from Monsanto, the Emerging Leaders Program strives to help participants gain a better understanding of the NCC’s role, including its programs, policy development and implementation process; Cotton Council International’s role in developing and maintaining export markets for U.S. cotton, manufactured cotton products and cottonseed products; the broad spectrum of issues that affect U.S. cotton’s economic well-being; and the U.S. political process.

The program, which provides class members with intensive professional development training, also equips them to increase their involvement in these and other NCC activities.

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During the week of June 15 in Memphis, Tenn., and St. Louis, Mo., Alphin and eight other class members will receive communication skills training, an agribusiness briefing and an orientation to the Memphis-based NCC.

The class will observe the NCC’s policy development process at the NCC’s 2015 Annual Meeting in February while the third session in Washington, D.C., will provide them with a focus on policy implementation and international market development.

NCC Chairman Wally Darneille a Texas cooperative marketing executive, said the Emerging Leaders Program, which was initiated with the 2013-14 class, “is designed to encourage and equip industry members so they are better prepared to handle the responsibilities of being a U.S. cotton industry leader.”

There is no age limit for Emerging Leader Program candidates, whose primary livelihood must be derived from at least one of the seven raw cotton industry segments. Nominations are made by one of the following: a certified interest organization, NCC officer or NCC director. Selections are made by the NCC chairman in consultation with the NCC president’s office and NCC Member Services.