Suffolk docs lobby Assembly

Published 8:55 pm Thursday, March 19, 2015

Suffolk doctors Edilberto Pelausa and Lindsey Vaughn were among about 400 physicians from around Virginia who helped the Medical Society of Virginia advocate for legislation during the General Assembly session.

Face-to-face meetings with legislators were held during White Coats on Call, MSV’s signature lobbying days, throughout January and February.

“I believe a professional organization is only as strong as its membership,” said MSV President Dr. William C. Reha. “The members of the Medical Society of Virginia are actively involved in the governance and grassroots of the organization. They take the time to communicate to our organization’s leaders, our legislators, and the public about what is good for our patients and our practices, in an effort to make Virginia the best place for medicine, improving the health of individuals and communities around the state.”

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MSV is the professional association for physicians in the commonwealth.