Lady Warriors win IC18 regular season meet

Published 9:04 pm Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Nansemond River High School girls’ outdoor track and field team asserted its strength in Wednesday’s Ironclad Conference regular season meet held at Lakeland High School.

Even without all of their stars competing in their signature events, the Lady Warriors finished first with 168 points, beating Phoebus High School by 50 points.

The Nansemond River girls’ team accounted for five of the school’s six event wins on the day. Three of the school’s wins came in open events, and three came in relay events.

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King’s Fork High School won six events, as the Lady Bulldogs generated five first-place finishes in open events, while the boys’ 4×400-meter relay team was also victorious.

Lakeland’s boys’ team produced two winners in open events.

For the Lady Warriors, junior Brandeé Johnson won the triple jump, sophomore Christina Banks won the 3,200-meter run, freshman Haley Neal won the 1,600-meter run, and the 4×100- and 4×400-meter relay teams took first, as well.

The boys’ 4×800-meter relay team also claimed first for Nansemond River.

For the Lady Bulldogs, senior Hannah Hinson ruled both the discus throw and the shot put, junior Rayona Tyler finished first in the 200-meter dash, sophomore Jasmine Watson won the 100-meter hurdles and sophomore Shakirah Allen triumphed in the 300-meter hurdles.

Junior Anthony Hale of the Cavaliers took first in the boys’ shot put, and junior Raekwon Sallywhite won the 1,600-meter run.


Following are the results from Wednesday’s Ironclad Conference regular season outdoor track and field meet held at Lakeland High School:

Girls’ team rankings (17 events scored)

  • 1) Nansemond River High School (NR), 168
  • 2) Phoebus High School (P), 118
  • 3) King’s Fork High School (KF), 116
  • 4) Lakeland High School (L), 19
  • 5) Heritage High School (H), 6
  • 6) Denbigh High School (D), 3

Boys’ team rankings (16 events scored)

  • 1) Phoebus High School, 218
  • 2) Nansemond River High School, 72
  • 3) Lakeland High School, 63
  • 4) King’s Fork High School, 47
  • 5) Heritage High School, 37
  • 6) Denbigh High School, 34

Individual results and top Suffolk finishers

  • Girls’ high jump: 1st-Carolyn Brown (P), 5-02.00; 2nd-Karah Foster (NR), J4-08.00
  • Boys’ high jump: 1st-Jaelen Williams (P), 5-08.00; 3rd-Christopher Manley (KF), 5-06.00
  • Girls’ long jump: 1st-Amira Aduma (P), 16-11.50; 2nd-Monae Bynum (NR), 15-09.00
  • Boys’ long jump: 1st-Elijah Nelson (P), 21-00.50; 5th-Joshua Covington (NR), 18-11.00
  • Girls’ triple jump: 1st-Brandeé Johnson (NR), 36-00.75
  • Boys’ triple jump: 1st-Elijah Nelson (P), 45-06.00; 3rd-Xavier Williams (NR), 39-09.00
  • Girls’ discus throw: 1st-Hannah Hinson (KF), 114-04
  • Boys’ discus throw: 1st-Gabriel Boyd (D), 150-05; 2nd-Monte Hillard (L), 109-05
  • Girls’ shot put: 1st-Hannah Hinson (KF), 36-00.00
  • Boys’ shot put: 1st-Anthony Hale (L), 45-03.00
  • Girls’ 4×800-meter relay: 1st-Phoebus ‘A’, 10:53.24; 2nd-Nansemond River ‘A’, 11:28.12
  • Boys’ 4×800-meter relay: 1st-Nansemond River ‘A’, 8:59.04
  • Girls’ 100-meter hurdles: 1st-Jasmine Watson (KF), 15.51
  • Boys’ 110-meter hurdles: 1st-Charles Graham (P), 14.66; 7th-Diamante Moore (L), 20.61
  • Girls’ 100-meter dash: 1st-Amira Aduma (P), 12.24; 3rd-Kiera Rountree (L), 12.91
  • Boys’ 100-meter dash: 1st-Dartrez Thompson (P), 11.09; 4th-Donte Tyler (KF), 11.43
  • Girls’ 1,600-meter run: 1st-Haley Neal (NR), 6:08.73
  • Boys’ 1,600-meter run: 1st-Raekwon Sallywhite (L), 4:54.38
  • Girls’ 400-meter dash: 1st-Amira Aduma (P), 57.12; 2nd-Courtney Ricks (KF), 1:00.45
  • Boys’ 400-meter dash: 1st-Andre Jackson (P), 51.00; 2nd-Roosevelt Huff (KF), 52.81
  • Girls’ 300-meter hurdles: 1st-Shakirah Allen (KF), 48.02
  • Boys’ 300-meter hurdles: 1st-Jaelen Williams (P), 39.57; 3rd-JaJuan Walker (L), 41.46
  • Girls’ 800-meter run: 1st-Ashanti Jackson (P), 2:32.09; 3rd-Lamani Williams (NR), 2:38.38
  • Boys’ 800-meter run: 1st-Jaquille Kirkland (P), 2:07.67; 3rd-Nicholas Gill (NR), 2:14.49
  • Girls’ 200-meter dash: 1st-Rayona Tyler (KF), 26.29
  • Boys’ 200-meter dash: 1st-Jomari Becnel (P), 22.81; 2nd-Donte Tyler (KF), 22.92
  • Girls’ 3,200-meter run: 1st-Christina Banks (NR), 11:59.90
  • Boys’ 3,200-meter run: 1st-Baron Freeman (P), 10:50.48; 2nd-Nick Viado (NR), 11:37.07
  • Girls’ 4×400-meter relay: 1st-Nansemond River ‘A’, 4:25.86
  • Boys’ 4×400-meter relay: 1st-King’s Fork ‘A’, 3:34.94
  • Girls’ 4×100-meter relay: 1st-Nansemond River ‘A’, 49.85
  • Boys’ 4×100-meter relay: 1st-Phoebus ‘A’, 42.50; 2nd-Nansemond River ‘A’, 43.05