Land transfers for May 22 to June 4

Published 7:51 pm Saturday, June 6, 2015

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

May 22 to June 4

David A. Savage to Joseph C. Rose; 30 acres; $49,400

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Patricia M. McIntosh to Roxanna L. Stephan; 4324 Lake Prince Drive; $257,000

Donnie Smith to Steve A. Erickson; 6985 Elwood Road; $137,000

Juanita A. Billingsley to Joshua Veranthony Carver; 102 Burnett’s Court; $230,000

Meri B. Carr to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1671 Great Fork Road; $30,781

Herbert N. Allen to Janet Matthews; 4421 Kendal Way; $319,900

Michael L. Bernard to Christina M. Fernandes; 1637 Airport Road; $210,000

HDS LLC to David Perkins; 3744 Willow Glenn Circle; $420,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Stephen P. Berella; 6409 Pelican Crescent; $232,400

Herons Point LLC to Thomas C. Doleman; 1107 White Herons Lane; $410,000

William Douglas Browder to Davitt Irrevocable Trust; 6111 Walkers Ferry Lane; $485,000

B&J Building Inc. to Michael W. Rose; 6216 Old Townpoint Road; $191,500

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty LLC to Jason T. Tonn; 7111 Arrington St.; $235,220

Jerome M. Deutsch to Michah B. Gard; 4677 Deer Path Road; $219,900

Sandra L. Crocker to Ashley Thompson; 207 Grove Ave.; $157,000

John A. Moore to Hector Jose Ramos Torres; 848 Haskins Drive; $198,000

Christopher T. Jones to John Mayo; 2010 Indian Point Road; $438,400

Thomas A. Moceri to Chimere M. Adams; 204 Spoon Court; $344,900

Elaine A. Lankford to John M. Moore; 3469 Lake Prince Drive; $170,700

Lolita Norman to Russell Guthrie; 243 Purple Martin Lane; $379,600

Andrew J. Tate to Marcus L. Freese; 1015 Legends Way; $238,900

Jason D. Amiss to Brittany D. Garrett; 842 Haskins Drive; $205,000

Carlesi Construction Inc. to Derrell E. Wade; 6103 Gardenbrook Place; $435,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Aaron S. Webster; 114 Jaclyn Drive; $352,131

Larry Chavis to Marvin D. Winslow; 306 Pitchkettle Road; $10,000

Michael P. McCann to Joseph A. Shaw; 1028 Bay Breeze Drive; $277,000

Christopher D. Scibelli to Lane E. Hurley; 128 Whimbrel Drive; $378,200

Corey B. Cutright to Jennifer Boykin; 3434 Ferry Road; $609,500

The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek to Laura Letchworth; 844 Bennetts Meadow Lane; $279,850

Victoria E. Harvey to Kent S. Wilson; 151 Graystone Trace; $225,000

Marcus T. Thomas to Michael G. Kelly; 204 Jefferies Court; $268,700

Charles Bobby Umphlette to Megan A. Byrd; 407 Causey Ave.; $98,700

RREF BB-VA CIL LLC to Joseph A. Brooks; 315 W. Constance Road #311; $126,800

RREF BB-VA CIL LLC to Joseph A. Brooks; 315 W. Constance Road #309; $126,200

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty LLC to Michael A. Dennis; 5043 Kings Grant Circle; $296,932

Tara Nee Semtner to Sandra Fields; Babbtown Road; $77,900

Cayce J. Porter to Cody L. Smith; 4016 Sleepy Hole Road; $180,300

Carolyn A. Banks to Edward S. Wright; 4007 Trade Winds Drive; $310,000

TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Mary W. Pyatt; 5050 Kings Grant Circle; $218,400

Urban Financial of America LLC to RSR Realty Group LLC; 405 Collier Crescent; $146,300

Jorge A. Rocha to Robert Stone; 2544 Skeetertown Road; $145,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Tirameka Z. Myrs; 1509 Reynard Road; $343,000

The Pamela C. Spence Revocable Living Trust to Paul J. Bernard; 8041 Clubhouse Drive; $515,000

Gregory John Kashin to Michael B. Benton; 101 Owls Creek Court; $257,700

Carol A. Moore to Moore’s Point LLC; 1280 Portsmouth Blvd.; $450,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jennifer Branch Seebo; 108 Wellons St.; $138,000

Edward H. Harville to Federal National Mortgage Association; 7120 Old South Quay Road; $153,117.54

Shawn D. Bruce to Damien L. Drayne; 318 Gauntlet Wway; $229,800

Ronald R. Jackson to Jennifer N. Ercole; 1022 Snead Drive; $254,000

Wirth Holdings LLC to Michael Swanson; 3003 Dawn Lane; $424,056

Melissa Buchanan to Kimberly H. Elliott; 5613 Canterbury Lane; $100,000

Margaret P. Roberts to Karl E. Marcelin; 218 S. Lloyd St.; $64,900

Susan Walton Johnson to Nora B. Wilson; 700 Rountree Crescent; $102,000

Sakinah T. Byrd-Shaw to Julio Cesar Prudencio; 6229 Oakglen Drive; $174,900

MSRZ LLC to Brummell J. McQuilkin; 2019 Mill Lake Road; $287,500

Sharon S. Toland to Judy G. Lambdin; 400 Murphy’s Mill Road; $267,300

Heaerndon Saddlebrook Builders LLC to Cory M. Franklin; $377,535

Steven Boone to Jose A. Pan; 1108 Pin Oak Drive; $241,000

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty LLC to George Sklyarevsky; 101 Hamilton Court; $297,117

The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek to Demetria P. Credit; 846 Bennetts Meadow Lane; $286,785

Kurt E. Sayce to Craig L. Bonnema; 3229 Shelter Cove Court; $685,300

Derrick W. Moore to William G. Shutrump; 2712 S. Nansemond Drive; $166,325

Benjamin A. Smith to Ginny L. Gwaltney; 5504 Buckhorne Court; $238,000

Theresa KC Thomas to Michael Thomas; 4640 Magnolia Drive; $205,100

Jackie Harris Ahlsted to Christopher T. Alphin; 1424 Lake Meade Drive; $517,500

Jeffrey D. Cromer to National Residential Nominee Service; 9075 River Crescent; $420,200

National Residential Nominee Service to Matthew A. Langford; 9075 River Crescent; $420,200

Larry Chavis to B.C. Branch Real Estate LLC; 304 Pitchkettle Road; $10,000

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Patrick Bedford; 6086 Newington Place; $226,000

Hearndon Saddlebrook Builders LLC to Kristopher L. Hughens; 3010 Galiceno Court; $333,170

Clarence W. Jaggard to Reginald L. Freeman; 5006 Marsh Ridge Court; $482,250

Joyce J. Holmes to Homestead Ranch; 2506 Whaleyville Blvd.; $676,500

Lee P. Abernathy to Cheryl Lynn McCaskey; 6502 Holland Road; $145,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Willie R. Pope; 2009 Arizona Ave.; $56,000

Dana E. Toale to William D. White; 1101 Lakeside Court Unit 1101; $150,000

Patricia A. Hetrick to Thomas M. Sprinkle; 1600 Jackson Road; $168,500

L&P Land Company LLC to 3256 White Marsh LLC; 3256 White Marsh Road; $268,000

Brian K. Baxter to Jasper L. Taylor; 2008 Livingston St.; $166,700

Doretha Beamon to Michael Rodgers; 2415 Randolph St.; $77,600

Elephant’s Fork LLC to 7-Eleven Inc.; 2109 N. Main St.; $1,600,000

Jeffrey P. Hyde to Derrick Jung; 403 Calvin St.; $276,800

Derrick I. Defreitas to Dominique L. Tillett; 212 Widgeon Court; $147,500

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Alan E. Hazelwood; 6081 Newington Place; $219,975

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Katherine Miller; 3017 Frederick St.; $213,000

Christopher Strong to Torrell L. Pauley; 507 Millers Court; $187,000

Huey Small to Gary W. Priputin; 3340 Matoaka Road; $245,000

Jerry B. Bradshaw to Brian Adam Massie; 3464 Raintree Circle; $425,000

Jonathan A. Smith to Damian J. Brown; 125 Tournament Court; $232,500

Jason A. Auston to Carlos L. Hill; 820 Resource Drive; $179,900

Kathryn M. Benjamin to Jason D. Waldo; 3016 Kempton Park Road; $274,500

Mohammad K. Rahimpour to Eric D. Bell; 1509 Woodspath Lane; $382,000

David L. Conlon to Lupine Lane LLC; 6021 Camellia Drive; $128,000

Jose J. Ojeda Rivera to Drew E. Langford; 1040 Meadows Reach Circle; $334,200

Elizabeth A. Buendia to Christopher J. Hill; 3509 Ludlow Cove; $268,000

David L. Fodie to Glynda Y. Baptist-Goings; 3306 Nansemond River Drive; $319,000

Elliot H. Brown to Michael-Philip Thompson; 115 Kennet Drive; $249,975

Aaron K. Ketchum to Derek A. Austin; 3524 Cider Lane; $410,000

Household Realty Corporation to Big Mix LLC; 6986 Holy Neck Road; $145,700

Fannie Mae to Anthony Freeman; 1526 River Creek Crescent; $214,000

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Willie M. Hamlin; 304 Kings Court; $199,600

Jason C. Alaniz to Brian A. Ozment; 1125 Dutchland Trail; $255,000

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Lermon E. Bethea; 1304 Clarys Drive; $117,100

Summer Ray to John P. Schmeckenbecher; 630 Manning Road; $108,000

Richard B. Myers to Latasha N. Enoch; 102 Windsor Court; $290,000

Peter A. Farrell to Kenita N. Council; 1132 Woods Parkway; $230,000

Southern Bank and Trust Company to Charles G. Brown; 201 Grace St.; $268,000

Nadine A. Gillen to Sorenski LLC; 220 N. Main St.; $219,000

Gregg A. Huesman to Christopher R. Baxter; 5121 Greenwood Road; $311,000

Wiliam P. Hicks to Gregg A. Huesman; 1038 Cathedral Drive; $300,000

Eric A. Kevitz to Jason A. Winslow; 6721 Crittenden Road; $420,000

Shirley L. Duke to Patricia A. Allen; 99 Northgate Lane; $210,000

Glenn J. Williams to Patrick J. Carroll; 144 Kristen Lane; $176,500

J.M. Reynolds Enterprises LLC to 103 N. Broad St. LLC; 103 N. Broad St.; $120,700

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Morris Norman; 1030 Cathedral Drive; $314,100

Jeanette Cochran to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 3002 Duke of Norfolk Street Unit 90; $71,090.31

James E. White to Joshua R. Quel; 2744 White Marsh Road; $257,700

Thomas B. Carson to Jacob L. Ledvina; 1106 Driver Pointe Court; $308,200

TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Marlana S. Brown; 5092 Kings Grant Circle; $301,200

William Thomas Blackerby to Jeffrey Orndorff; 5224 Regatta Pointe Road; $725,000

Richard P. Sorgen to Heather N. Boyd; 306 Page Place; $245,000

Adam S. Evans to Derek Edwen Robinson; 4983 Wise St.; $244,900

Southern Bank and Trust Company to Ricky V. Bynum; 4004 Brians Lane; $273,400

The 206 Beaver Lane Land Trust to Francesca Anne Little; 206 Beaver Lane; $140,000