Land transfers for July 2-16

Published 3:16 pm Saturday, July 18, 2015

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


July 2-16


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Polk Pinewill LLC to Drayce M. Moore; 261 Jonathans Way; $244,000


Bradford H. Moore to Margaret Williamson; 6621 Everets Road; $38,000


Aaron J. Ballantyne to Charlie F. High; 4003 Meadows Court; $280,000


Catherine A. Williams to Christopher L. Bacon; 3612 Frazier Ave.; $235,000


Matthan E. Heiselt to William M. Manolios; 7583 Elwood Road; $135,000


Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC to Charles D. Barrineau; 1937 Piedmont Road; $427,725


TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to David Williams Parks; 5058 Kings Grant Circle; $237,520


Hearndon Saddlebrook Builders LLC to Carl R. Hale; 2047 Indian Point Road; $331,700


Moody Homes at Lake Meade Estates to David A. Wray; 2039 Sweetwood Drive; $279,500


Todd C. Burdett to Alberto J. Alicea; 5048 Kelso St.; $260,000


Harry L. Tillman to Robert C. Madson; 6002 Spinnaker Cove Court; $581,500


Brett W. Haake to Tracy A. Vick; 3501 Sedgefield St.; $269,500


Bruce W. Price to Dwain Harrison; 5102 Captains Walk; $415,900


Janron Farms LLC to Ronald Jerome Daiker; 8752 Adams Drive; $257,000


Roy H. Coulliette to Jeffrey J. Gruber; 104 Count Crescent; $245,500


Kebco Enterprise Inc. to Ashley N. Byrd; 4281 Cole Ave.; $250,000


Gregory D. Tompkins to Jack S. Reynolds; 3694 Labrador Lane; $340,000


Sandra W. Lynch to Reginald Theodore Beckett; 3513 Little Creek Road; $229,900


Mill Creek LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 2123 Turtle Pond Court; $84,577


Karen Stroh to Scott M. Fernandez DeCastro; 2786 Freeman Mill Road; $306,800


Justin M. Halvorson to Michael J. Simmons; 3603 Canal Turn Court; $259,000


Craig Alan Cope to Robert B. May; 242 Kilby Shores Drive; $245,000


Thomas Ray Phillips to Barry Lee Noe; 132 Brittany Lane; $336,100


Terry L. Warren to James C. Whitley; 117 Robin Lane; $241,200


Roxanna L. Stephan to Darlene Brigitte Jaffe; 110 Gatewood Ave.; $284,500


Clara V. Thompson to Thanh Nga Pham; 5076 Bay Circle; $400,000


Virginia Housing Development Authority to Jennifer M. Weatherly; 6811 Ruritan Blvd.; $193,500


U.S. Bank National Association to William R. Blackman; 1317 Baltic St.; $153,900


Otis Daniel Davis to Scott R. Sally; 10320 Ellis Road; $400,000


Mark C. Osborne to James R. Evans; 201 Stowe Drive; $305,000


Latasha Walker to James Crothers; 148 Stoney Ridge Road #25; $203,700


Paul Rec to Joseph C. Brown; 6772 Burbage Landing Circle; $358,000


James H. Durden to Curstin A. Butcher; 214 Webb St.; $149,900


THB LLC to Birdsong Corporation; 208 Mulberry St.; $163,400


James Catlin Chalkley to James B. Hayes; 8813 Carters Cove Road; $235,000


Ivan L. Simms to Ivan L. Simms; 1304 Shelton Court; $10


A&R Associates to DB Construction and Property; 5053 Riverfront Drive; $84,400


Francis X. DiLorenzo to Monte S. Crowl; 509 Smith St.; $145,000


Custom Builders Express LLC to Edwin E. Cox; 1950 Copeland Road; $215,400


Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC to Molly Camarata; 3229 Gardenia Court; $225,000


Patrick M. Dziekan to Tina S. Griffin; 322 Stonehenge Drive; $212,500


Herons Point LLC to Maison Builders Inc.; 3110 Ibis Blvd.; $110,900


Arthur C. Bredemeyer to Tyrone Keith Boone; 1152 Saunders Drive; $126,500


The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to William K. Childree; 2065 Maple Leaf Crescent; $186,945


Christina D. Culotta to Christopher M. Gramza; 5031 Huntclub Chase; $222,500


Richard D. Vick to Michelle A. Simmons; 2802 Lake Cohoon Point; $450,000


Edward A. Weaver to S&H Partnership; 127 Crumpler Lane; $200,000


Bank of America to CR Properties 2015 LLC; 609 Kinsey Lane; $98,600


CR Properties 2015 LLC to Randolph Crocker; 609 Kinsey Lane; $98,600


Fannie Mae to Jeisha Alayon-Irizarry; 303 Suburban Drive; $142,100


Teresa Avery to Sherry S. Johnson; 3507 Burlington St.; $110,000


1732 Airport Road LLC to Robert James Latner; 1732 Airport Road; $225,000


Joyce E. Jones to Michael B. King; 907 McKinley Ave.; $47,000


Stephen McKay West to Jonathan Haug; 1406 Sierra Drive; $95,100


Fannie Mae to Robert Bemisdarfer; 206 Cutspring Trace; $246,000


Margaret Little Appenzeller to Stephen A. Dowdy; Pittmantown Road; $105,000


TerryPeterson Residential Eleven to Helen H. Snead; 5060 Kings Grant Circle; $261,525


James Saunders to Chantell S. Gray; 4700 Camellia Drive; $168,000


Wells Fargo Bank to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 138 Mallard Drive; $157,300


Central Virginia Bank to Integument RX Suffolk LLC; 1035 Centerbrooke Lane; $130,000


Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Aaron Poole; 2221 Tuliptree Circle; $349,000


Gregory Pugh to U.S. Bank Trust National Association; 1675 Mount Lebanon Ave.; $140,943.61


The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek to Susan M. Banks; 782-A Bennett’s Meadow Lane; $201,000


Javert Matthis to Hampton Roads Holding; 4436 Coltrane Ave.; $199,500


Mazie Y. Futrell to Goodman Developers Inc.; 612 Spruce St.; $10,000


Tracy Lee Stewart to B.C. Branch Real Estate LLC; 1321 Holland Road; $27,750


Polly VanDyke to Jacqueline J. Horn; 215 Fallawater Way; $220,000


Sandler at Graystone LLC to Michael N. Kramer; 2143 Redgate Drive; $313,809


Nicholas A. Simpson to Denisha L. Mason; 608 Waters Edge Lane; $155,000


Robert E. Jock to Bradley J. Johnson; 213 Jennifer Court; $235,000


Wirth Holdings LLC to Michael Baranski; 4032 Michael Drive; $379,195


Richard M. Adams to Robert E. Wallace; 1211 West Point Drive; $369,000


Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Stephanie Powell; 929 Teton Circle Unit 113; $99,900


Mark D. Pinocci to Monika S. Barot; 220 Bank St.; $169,800


Michael K. Edwards to Curtis S. Burnette; 5901 Wayne Ave.; $230,000


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Eleanor Olivia Minns; 1116 Lake Kennedy Drive; $45,145


Sandler at Graystone LLC to Stephen K. Amoah; 2145 Redgate Drive; $258,342


Alfred Adkins to Kennesha L. Alexander; 6303 South Sandgate Drive; $255,107


Lanny L. Horn to Daniel R. Barton; 4018 Appaloosa Court; $405,000


Kevin J. Findlay to Miguel A. Comulada; 2212 Silver Charm Circle; $229,000


Kenneth R. Merritt to E&P Properties Inc.; $136,000


Vicki S. Marshall to Ward A. Oliver; 1872 Manning Road; $197,900


Vanessa G. Clark to Diane M. Kostrzewa; 4013 Palmer Court Unit 19; $230,000


Stephen McKay West to Jonathan P. Haug; 532 Chisholm Lane; $91,800


Stephen McKay West to Jonathan P. Haug; 1008 Blythewood Lane; $81,600


Parker Crossing LLC to Hayden R. Kemp; 2696 River Watch Drive; $279,362


Rufus L. Artis to Federal National Mortgage Association; 6713 Peanut Drive; $87,657.38


Jason M. Jaffeux to Eileen A. Johnson; 2204 Livingston St.; $190,000


Andrew J. Fenneman to Jaaks LLC; 322 Holladay St.; $56,800


Southern Oil Company Inc. to J. Eure Properties Inc.; 300 Brook Ave.; $31,200


Shefco Inc. to J. Eure Properties Inc.; 413 Carolina Ave.; $42,400