Land transfers for July 31 to Aug. 20

Published 5:29 pm Saturday, August 22, 2015

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

July 31 to Aug. 20

Sandra D. Wiggins-Hall to 3W of Virginia Inc.; 8441 New Road; $126,200


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John E. Harris to Nathaniel H. Hurt; 6707 Braebourne Court; $315,000

David Butler to Donna D. Ruffier; 201 King of France Court; $305,000

Matthew R. Wilson to Dreyson A. Perkins; 3506 Derby Cove; $239,500

J. Robert Lambert to Jason M. Schramm; 1405 Lake Meade Drive; $430,900

Faye K. Darden to Edward A. Whitley; 332 Baron Blvd.; $247,000

David A. Bossert to Springfield Associates LLC; 6113A Brookwood Drive; $65,000

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty to Ryan Anthony Strawbridge; 308 Ford Drive; $354,410

Jodi A. Bowman to John F. Gomoke; 124 Nansemond Pointe Drive; $590,200

Nicholas Cerda to Gregg S. Flick; 5035 Kelso St.; $250,000

Alan A. Anderson to Lessley M. Benton; 184 Graystone Trace; $228,500

Larry D. Bryant to Walter Scott Hodges; 5048 Bay Circle; $507,700

Area Builders of Tidewater Inc. to Thomas N. Eackles; 3442 Village Square Place; $570,400

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Antonio J. Hart; 6084 Newington Place; $227,000

U.S. Bank NA to Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads; 211 N. Seventh St.; $59,700

MSRZ LLC to Michael R. Fischer; 2025 Mill Lake Road; $262,500

Mary Estell Mayfield White to Nathan P. Magnusen; 1112 E. Washington St.; $11,000

Darius E. Whiteside to Danny J. Miller; 100 Carriage House Drive; $250,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Tony Kang; 311 Canaan Circle; $262,500

Primelending to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 409 Waters Edge Lane; $179,867

Frances L. Finch to Eddie P. Morrison; Airport Road; $30,000

Matilde Guilbaud to Melissa S. Rose; 231 N. Saratoga St.; $90,000

David D. O’Neill to Troy P. Faust; 5101 Stratford Drive; $295,000

Patricia Raiford Hundley to James F. Flint; 7006 Ruritan Blvd.; $157,000

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes to James W. Fernanders; 5995 Bennetts Creek Lane; $292,000

Nancy Hollowell Martin to Mark Allen Golay; 2600 Desert Road; $338,000

Curtis N. Mehalko to Carol A. Lancaster; 12096 Camp Pond Road; $135,000

CBC Holding LLC to Patrick Alan Livesay; 6071 Mainsail Lane; $314,500

Dominic C. Genito to Kim M. Flowers; 3004 Billings Drive; $167,700

Anthony McFadden to William Kyle Whyte; 6201 Winthrope Drive; $273,300

Thomas R. Leary to Brian W. King; 5917 Brookwood Drive; $192,400

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Lamondo B. Gardner; 105 Farrand Drive; $318,361

Trevor A. Telman to Kareem A. Haamid; 3011 Kempton Park Road; $287,500

Victor H. Pope to Derek Flowers; 3001 Carlisle Court; $279,800

Benjamin M. Briandet to James W. Soedler; 3051 Silver Charm Circle; $220,000

The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek to laura N. Ellsaesser; 935-A Vineyard Place; $235,425

Danny A. Dayot to Jessica L. Snyder; 216 Crown Arch; $286,000

Joshua Pretlow to Karen M. McCann; 705 E. Riverview Drive; $217,500

Brandon S. Harris to Gary A. Wooten; 116 Niblick Circle; $365,500

Scott Bennett to Daniel L. Toner; 3732 Arbor Road; $221,400

Joseph Gray to Jeffery Price; 1331 Baltic St.; $178,000

William D. Russell to R. Eley Duke; 919 E. Riverview Drive; $517,500

David A. Peterson to Megan N. Crews; 5027 Hunt Club Chase; $218,500

Weeks Construction LLC to Erin M. Southard; 204 Kilby Ave.; $159,900

Brian Fiedler to Aharon D.L. Ellis; 245 Holbrook Arch; $265,000

Louise Morris Redd to Daniels Construction Corp.; 1184 Nansemond Parkway; $104,400

FV-I Inc. In Trust for Morgan Stanley to Deborah A. Malouin; 1741 Mill Wood Way; $232,000

Robert W. Tew to Arthur W. Mann; 1404 Mill Landing Court; $325,000

Bank of America NA to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 130 Mulberry St.; $43,450

GSF Suffolk Corp. to Penske Truck Leasing Co. LP; 1397 Progress Road; $1,858,000

John H. Hansbarger to Colby Schlaht; 2011 Nicklaus Drive; $230,000

Lowell H. Kallen to Jerry W. Billings; 4539 Starcher Court; $464,700

Ferguson Enterprises Inc. to Hodgdon Holdings LLC; 2006 Northgate Commerce Parkway; $5,150,000

Garnett W. Yeatts to Garnett W. Yeatts; 2204 Waters Edge Lane; $10

Kathleen Bucco to C. Landon Howell; 5653 Nathaniel St.; $118,800

Diana Morgan to Philip W. Raisor; 6201 Mineral Spring Road; $432,500

Irvin Beale to Irvin Beale; 4902 Mineral Spring Road; $10

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Laura A. Geister; 2833 S. Nansemond Drive; $183,000

Denis Darsie to Shonda D. Washington; 1031 Bay Breeze Drive; $283,000

Hearndon Saddlebrook Builders LLC to Bryan T. Vandrimmelen; 3003 Indian Point Road; $292,270

George Boykins to James L. Pittman; 603 Alexander Court; $94,000

Christopher D. Horton to Charles R. Britt; 1770 Mill Wood Way; $295,000

U.S. Bank Trust NA to Lorenzo Jermaine Taylor; 6710 Burbage Landing Circle; $244,800

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Brandi N. Acosta; 3004 Driver Station Way; $230,000

Willie A. Dunagan to Brian P. Hock; 103 Babbtown Road; $277,000

Stacey I. Hyler to CMH Homes Inc.; 3766 Desert Road; $42,500

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to Wirth Holdings; 4001 Michael Drive; $85,200

Daniel Izzo to Thomas W. Keeling; 314 Tindalls Court; $393,900

Carey L. Boone to Stanley C. Bollinger; 509 Wekiva Ave.; $64,600

TerryPeterson Residential Eleven to Vondel R. Collins; 5075 Kings Grant Circle; $247,329

Fannie Mae to Lakeshia Bradley; 302 Bank St.; $215,000

William J. Mickels to Phillip A. Lovelace; 1911 Kyle Court; $221,500

Jam Industries LLC to Charid R. Hutchinson; 544 Kings Fork Road; $246,000

Lambeth Timber LLC to Iiams Properties LLC; Butler Drive; $450,000

Flacon Real Estate Group Inc. to Travis Roberts; 1547 River Creek Crescent; $193,900

Andrew G. Davis to James E. Ewart; 4658 Shoulders Hill Road; $314,000

Jason A. Poteat to Priestley G. Mims; 4420 Brighton Mews; $285,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Tamika M. Dillard; 125 Jaclyn Drive; $314,457

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to William S. Ward; 5 College Court; $175,500

Susan H. Bell to Stuart M. Resor; 1588 Steeple Drive; $137,900

Leslie R. Matthews to Gary L. Boucher; 221 Waterwood Way; $249,900

Marshall W. Hanson to Dominique L. Holloman; 169 Kristen Lane; $165,570

J. Emery Nichols to Richard J. Kovalik; 100 River Point Drive; $118,700

Travis R. Randall to Tamikka Jay Long; 3023 Bay Shore Lane; $279,900

Billy L. Twine to Kyle D. Bardy; 117 Causey Ave.; $134,300

Susie G. Draper to William S. Coco; 1209 West Point Drive; $344,600

Joshua C. Obenchain to Tammy L. Hanna; 3000 Doncaster Drive; $278,900

James King to Adam S. Evans; 307 Crown Arch; $308,500

Woodrow W. Wood to Edward P. Dewey; 1420 Bridge Point Trail; $481,300

David R. Clark to Hampton Roads House Buyers LLC; 4617 Hardy Court A&B; $122,800

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Michael J. Santoro; 117 Beechwood Drive; $107,000

Maureen Stockberger to Tyrone M. Harris; 6219 Heather Glen Drive; $156,500

Barbara M. Fox to Jones Direct LLC; 10301 Ellis Road; $136,000

Blue Mountain Homes LLC to Jordan L. Holland; 6178 Leafwood Drive; $165,400

Robert Devany Cooper to Michael W. Slocum; 818 Craig Drive; $327,400

Renaissance Home Equity Loan to RSL Homes LLC; 5921 Bradford Drive; $148,600

Hampton Roads Holding Co. LLC to Mark T. Mobley; 4529 John St.; $312,536

Running in Clogs LLC to Lanfred Properties 57 LLC; 1928 Holland Road; $1,332,200

Anand Kapur to Deborah Vines; 2124 Piedmong Road; $278,000

David W. Perry to Jeffrey Carter Raynor; 1501 Gunston Drive Unit 1501; $160,000

Christopher J. Petrelli to Teri A. Richards; 3008 Waterjump Crescent; $251,800

Cordelia L. Mack to Anthony Ebel; 1501 Woods Path Lane; $453,400

WLG Properties LLC to Robert L. Dawson; 2050 Barnes Road; $49,000

RSR Reality Group LLC to Betty A. Pope; 504 Collier Crescent; $169,900

Robert W. Shafer to Carl D. Duerson; 1018 Hillpoint Road; $301,500

Ted’s Housing LLC to Larry Aubry; 5532 Weatherby Way; $163,900

Steven Robert Matson to Steven Robert Matson; no description given; $153,750

Russell D. Elias to Amirali Tavassoli; 203 Willet Court; $325,000

Velvet Veal to Hampton Roads Holding Co. LLC; 4417 Coltrane Ave.; $90,600

Scott E. Brown to Jan M. Costantini; 4368 Lake Prince Drive; $290,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Joshua E. Kreider; 2159 Redgate Drive; $307,534

Roof System of Virginia Inc. to Keyt Construction Inc.; Hollywood Avenue; $46,000

Lawrence L. Quier to Anthony McFadden; 1004 White Herons Lane; $630,000

Belle Harbour Duplexes to Charles S. Jenkins; 3730 Pear Orchard Way; $214,500

Qi Bin Huang to Brandon M. Spivey; 6700 Lake Cove Court; $244,000

Rose M. Holmes to Samuel L. McKay; 529 Freeman Mill Road; $128,900

Matthew H. Renelli to Andrew M. Rowe; 5512 Oriole Road; $178,000

John J. Fender to James G. Esposito; 3673 Labrador Lane; $305,000

Gerald Ma’le Austin to Alfred R. Clark; no description given; $100

Parker Crossing LLC to Lawrence L. Quier; 2724 River Watch Drive; $416,000

Southeastern Virginia Properties to Carl E. Eason; 5265 River Club Drive; $1,260,000

TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Benjamin T. Cook; 5071 Kings Grant Circle; $251,599

Margaret Dalton to Niki Nicole Barnes Henderson; 602 Adams St.; $64,000

Wells Fargo Bank to Anita L. Martin; no description given; $145,500

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Claudine Ellis; 3027 Frederick St.; $209,000

Amirali Tavassoli to Joshua Tawes; 1319 Teton Circle #72; $169,100

John David Sexton to Heath Lee; 126 Niblick Circle; $300,000

Patrick B. Mills to Darrell R. Leak; 6833 Burbage Landing Circle; $297,900

Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Mari Jayne Richardson; 6017 Bradford Drive; $117,950

William S. Williams to 1103 North Main Street LLC; 1103 N. Main St.; $189,000

The Bank of New York Mellon to KB Real Estate Development LLC; 400 St. James Ave.; $146,00

Bank of America NA to STM Properties Inc.; 1751 Mill Wood Way; $77,100

Joseph R. Turner to Hampton Roads Holding Company; 9080 Eclipse Drive; $80,000

David A. Kincaid to Monte S. Crowl; 117 Pender St.; $116,000