Help create change with Fed by Threads

Published 3:19 pm Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fed By Threads is changing their already sustainable lineup of organic fabrics into Organic Farm-To-Garment Cotton Apparel, which is made entirely in America. All fabrics are organically grown, spun, knitted and dyed without the use of heavy metals… and finally, cut and sewn right here in the USA. In essence, their clothing is genuinely 100% organic. Other organic brands typically ship their fabrics across the border to be finished. Often times this takes away from the notoriety of it being considered positively organic. An additional link, which Fed By Threads fills the void, is creating fashions that have style. Many organic clothing lines keep it simple with t-shirts and loose fitting silhouettes. Fed By Threads owner, Alok, takes the time to create clothing that highlights women’s curves, which makes an impact on the style of the garment.

Whitney: Exactly how is organic clothing better for the environment?

Alok: Organic textile production avoids the heavy use of pesticides that is common practice in non-organic cotton production. When pesticides are sprayed on cotton fields, they can contaminate rivers, streams, and other drinking water sources as well as erode soil quality. In contrast, organic farming prohibits the use of pesticides, keeping soil and water safe from contamination. There are other upsides to using sustainable fabrics but this is a great place to start.

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Whitney: What can we share with conscious consumers to motivate them to purchase organic cotton?

Alok: Often, consumers may be unaware of the importance of buying and supporting organic farming. For instance, they may not realize the rippling effects of their support, which provides improved working conditions for garment workers, reduced carbon footprint and decreased environmental destruction. But the simple step is helping people see how loud their choices reverberate. Individuals matter, company’s listen to them, and that what they choose to buy directly shapes the world we live in.

Whitney: From a fashion standpoint, where do you see the design direction heading? What has inspired your designs for the upcoming season?

Alok: We are an everyday-wear apparel company and are now focused on designs inspired by Japanese minimalism that offer subtle, yet eye-catching fashions. To accommodate a wide range of women’s body types, we are adding some looser fitting designs to our selections. Our design ambitions will always be a modernist aesthetic that values clean lines. We may add printed patterns in the future, but for now, we are enjoying our solids lineup.

If you have been weary about incorporating organic clothing into your wardrobe due to style or comfort, Fed By Threads puts these worries at ease. Visit to see what amazing styles they have to offer. Once you purchase one piece of organic clothing, it may change your perception on shopping. You will not only look amazing in your clothing, but you will feel great about where your money is being spent. Purchasing Fed by Threads organic clothing not only helps our environment, it also feeds hungry Americans with 12 meals provided to the hungry per item sold.

Whitney’s Eco-Friendly Fit Fashion Find: Keep your workout clothing simple and organic this summer. Fed By Threads “Elisa” Tank is made from 100% repurposed wood pulp giving this tank an ultra-luxurious feel. Pair the “Elisa” with their “Nalini” Leggings composed of a mix of organic cotton and lycra, making them ultra-breathable with a slight stretch allowing maximum movement during workouts!