Overcome Nature- Deficit Disorder

Published 3:08 pm Thursday, October 8, 2015

In his bestselling book, “Last Child in the Woods,” Richard Louv spawned an exciting debate that sparked a national movement to reconnect kids and nature.

Louv is responsible for the term nature-deficit disorder. This term is not meant to add to medical jargon, but simply defines a real crisis happening in America. With the overwhelming rise in technological advances that keep kids entertained, our kids just do not spend enough time outdoors anymore. In his book, Louv explains that tapping into the restorative powers of nature can boost mental acuity and creativity, promote health and wellness, build smarter and more sustainable businesses, communities, and economies, and strengthen human bonds. These are all beautiful qualities that can help kids and adults alike to thrive. But, ultimately, it is up to parents to curb the techno-trend and create more balance by motivating kids to indulge in outdoor fun. And let’s face it, adults need to tap into nature’s restorative powers just as much as kids. The good news is that the challenge is easier now than ever because it is summer. The warm weather and sunny skies beckon outdoor fun, making it easier to get closer to nature. Typically, there are plenty of summer camps that focus on the outdoors and nature. If you live near a zoo, wildlife conservation, or farm, there are usually fun and educational summer camps happening at those places. Simply look for a nature themed camp near you and get your child involved in the mind, body experience.

Summer vacations are another avenue that provide fantastic opportunities to be at one with nature. A trip to the coast, mountains, or a beautiful national park are all great ways to inspire outdoor adventure for the entire family. There are water sports to try, trails to hike, food to grow, and sand castles to build. Go ahead, help your child get to know and grow with nature. You and your children will enjoy and truly benefit from the experience.

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