Stay energetic during your fun-filled summer

Published 3:15 pm Thursday, October 8, 2015

With warmer weather brings increased activity requiring loads of energy. Moms, dads, kids, grandparents, almost everyone, is eager to take full advantage of the longer sun-filled days of summer. After all, while the weather is perfect, there is fun to be had, vacations to take, and outdoor chores to complete. But, when your schedule revs up, there’s no need to get off-kilter; you can still stay healthy and energetic while enjoying your fun-packed summer.

Have you ever been so busy that time just flies by and you skip a meal? It happens, but don’t make it a daily practice. If you continually ignore hunger signals, your body may kick into survival mode and desperately hold onto body fat rather than burn it—a crisis during bikini season. Besides wreaking havoc on your body, forgetting to refuel is a sure way to hit the dreaded mid-afternoon slump. Be certain to pause and take adequate time to enjoy nourishing, healthy meals throughout the day. An easy light salad, smoothie, or a simple one dish meal can be super easy to prepare and will provide ample nutrition to keep you going without invading your busy schedule. Fueling up is so important for both the mind and body. A well fed brain and body will contribute to steady energy levels, helping you accomplish more with relative ease. Skip the energy pills and caffeine; you don’t need it. Try adding nutrition boosting whole foods to your daily diet instead. They will help boost energy naturally. Some examples include maca root powder, chia seeds, spirulina, and flax seeds.

What else will keep you energetic this summer? Along with healthy nutrition, adequate sleep and regular exercise are both crucial elements for cultivating enduring energy levels. Make sure that sleep and exercise rank at the very top of your expanding to-do list. You simply will not feel inclined to lead an active day if you are not well rested. Additionally, exercise sessions will be more productive and enjoyable when you are well rested. When it comes to leading an energetic lifestyle, exercise is just as important as rest. Make adjustments to your schedule as needed, so you can fit fitness in. If you can’t make it to the gym, don’t get perturbed, but simply go for a walk outdoors. If you are a mommy, make a healthy impression by having your kids exercise alongside you. Temporary changes to your normal schedule may offer exciting opportunities for new experiences; embrace the momentary changes and don’t get discouraged. A lasting healthy lifestyle calls for adaptability.

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Along with adaptability, a little prioritizing will help you stay balanced, avoiding an energy drain. Adjust your schedule as needed, but remember your health is indeed a priority. Being prepared is one element of prioritizing. Preparation helps reduce stress—an energy drainer. Be prepared by packing a water bottle and healthy snacks when traveling or running errands. This will prevent you from stressing over what to eat. If you have food in tow, you won’t skip meals, and you will avoid fast food lines when you are in a time crunch. When vacationing, plan ahead by finding a hotel with a gym, pool, or nearby beach and actively indulge in the change of scenery. You can stay active by going for a morning walk on the beach, playing in the swimming pool, or diving in the ocean.

After you have planned, prioritized, and exercised, don’t forget to relax. There is much fun to be had during warmer months, but do not forget to just stop and relax. Relaxation is an important component of a truly healthy, balanced lifestyle. Although you may be entertaining kids or traveling with your partner or friends, you can still carve out time for relaxation. Seek out a calm setting on a regular basis. Spend time with yourself and just relax. Enjoy the moment and absorb the memories. This will help rejuvenate you, so you can be a better, more efficient you. Don’t feel guilty about needing a little alone time; it will allow you to refresh your mind and body, leaving you more energetic.

Jaime, like most women, has a very involved schedule. You may wonder how she is able to balance it all while still giving her health priority. Inspire Health sat down with Jaime to find out her secret to staying healthy and energetic while maintaining a busy life.

Right away Jaime admits, “I have help!” She knows she could not do all that she does alone. She says, “I’m not afraid to ask for help. It is a struggle and it does take forethought and planning. My husband makes all of this possible. I could not do this without his help and support. This is a two man show. We share the same lifestyle.” Jaime recognizes this is not the case for every woman. In fact, the majority of couples do not share the same healthy lifestyle habits, and this creates an even greater challenge. However, help and support systems can be found. Both Jaime and her husband admit their health really turned around when they sought the help of a personal trainer. Oftentimes, help and encouragement is needed along the way, but you have to ask for it.

Aside from having help, a healthy lifestyle requires considerable planning. Jaime has found that planning her day ahead of time is an enormous help. Every day, she faithfully uses the calendar on her smart phone to plan for the next day. This allows her to mesh her activities, including a date with the gym, and her kid’s activities, so that everything gets accomplished.

She also told IHM that some days she just doesn’t get to the gym. But she does not let this discourage her or let it lead her off track. Jaime says, “Ultimately, this is a lifestyle. It’s a habit. That is what keeps me going. I have these habits confirmed and established now and they are harder to break.”

Jaime talked about another challenge many women face. Despite gaining weight after having kids, and struggling to take it off, Jaime did not work out because guilt was holding her back. She simply did not want to leave her kids with a sitter just so that she can go to the gym. But, soon enough, she changed her way of thinking. She feels that living healthy is a good example to her kids and she is able to be a better wife and mother when she does take care of herself first.

Jaime is only 4 years into this lifestyle and has managed to lose 30lbs. and totally transform her body, adding lean muscle mass that keeps her looking fit, toned, and strong. She has entered fitness competitions and enjoys doing triathlons. Jaime is happy to have learned the true power of a proper diet and a regular exercise program.