Here and there with Kids Kab

Published 9:13 pm Thursday, May 19, 2016

By Stephen H. Cowles

Special to the News-Herald

As any parent knows, arranging family schedules can be a challenge. In addition to dropping off and picking children up from school, there are activities such as soccer, softball, tennis and so on and so forth. Kids Kab has been established to help overstretched parents with all that.

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The company, which operates in Suffolk and Franklin, was started to eliminate the work and worry of getting youngsters to and from after-school or summer activities and events safely and on time.

Manager Steph Woods said the organization’s mission statement is “to support, empower and cultivate youth by providing safe, inspirational and educational activities and transportation for school-age children.”

Further, the vision for Kids Kab is “to enhance and positively alter the vantage point of children living and going to school in high-risk areas; to become a support system for families who want to provide their children with experiences that challenge and change their outlook on life and their goals.”

All this came about because one adult’s love of children inspired.

“I want to say I came up with the idea six months ago,” said Charles “C.C.” Cooper. “I love kids. I’ve been coaching Little League football, interacting with kids in basketball and football leagues for over 13 years.”

Cooper credits Woods with the business name.

“Kids need transportation to activities like sports and different things at schools,” he said. “Transportation is very limited in this area. I feel very comfortable for bridging that transportation gap.”

With one van and one car available, for now, there are two service areas, one within a 20-mile radius of Franklin, and the other encompassing a 15-mile radius around Suffolk.

One-way trips cost $5 per child, regardless of the zone.

“I work very closely with all of my clients,” said Woods. “All of the drivers have background checks, have experience working with kids and with driving vehicles.”

“I use the service for my daughter,” Woods said. “I’m a single parent. She’s active in after-school sports. I’m working three jobs. The opportunity to use the service has been huge. For me, it’s peace of mind.”

Cooper and Woods are also greatly concerned that youngsters do not get enough to eat, so they also are working to form Mobile Meals, to “fill a gap for nutrition,” Cooper said.

For more information about Kids Kab, visit or call 653-6239.