New chiropractors in Harbour View

Published 9:51 pm Thursday, March 23, 2017

A new medical practice in Harbour View is helping patients with severe spinal problems.

Spinal Source Chiropractic began accepting patients for postural and spinal rehabilitation at 6546 Hampton Roads Parkway on March 13. A ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 30 will be the grand opening for the new family practice.

Chiropractic physicians, co-owners, and husband and wife Drs. Chase and Taylor Bollig have been busy at their new office since their soft opening on Monday.

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“It’s been incredible,” Chase Bollig said. “We already have 60 scheduled patients on the books.”

The Bolligs treat patients suffering from pain, poor balance and other ailments caused by scoliosis and spinal injuries. Their treatment uses non-surgical methods to restore “ideal” spinal curvature and reverse years of spinal and ligament deformation.

“We’re basically trying to put a perfect spine back into someone like they’re a teenager again,” Chase Bollig said.

Patients begin by receive a full examination that includes posture, range of motion and neurological testing. They undergo a “stress potential” X-ray that determines severity and treatability of a patient.

“It takes about 36 tractions to get a significant change,” Chase Bollig said.

Each “traction” is roughly 20 to 25 minutes for a patient three times a week. These advanced treatment methods utilize in-house equipment. The Bolligs also work with orthopedics and help patients for their surgeries.

“Some people come to us because we’re more advanced,” Chase Bollig said.

He said these methods are based on new research and techniques “not taught in chiropractic school.” It could take up to 36 sessions, but the goal is to make sure the patient doesn’t regress.

“Why just adjust when you can fix it permanently?” he said.

The office also works with expecting mothers and pediatric patients. Taylor Bollig said she helps these women balance their pelvises “to optimize the birthing position and space for the baby in utero.”

She also provides pediatric adjustments to newborn children. Children with ear infections are diagnosed to determine if upper cervical adjustments would be more effective remedies than antibiotics.

“Eighty percent of ear infections are not bacteria, so antibiotics won’t help,” she said.

She’s enjoyed the busy week with patients since they opened their doors and looks forward to her and her husband’s future in Harbour View.

“It’s been awesome,” she said. “It’s very needed in this area since we’re the only chiropractors in the 23435 ZIP code.”

Call 296-2225 for more information.