Land Transfers for Dec. 1-7

Published 8:48 pm Saturday, December 9, 2017

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Dec. 1 -7

Shirley Brown to Carlos Tuchez; 2745 Burning Tree Lane; $242,000


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Rebecca Taylor to Don Carter; 9308 Dixon Road; $147,038

Donald Howard to Autumn Laird; 201 W. Wexford Drive; $142,500

Ainslie Group Inc. to Kevin Boone; 1309 Pitchkettle Farm Lane; $582,900

Molly Ash to Davante Gardner; 1003 Nicklaus Drive; $184,000

Bach Tran to Thomas Chies; 6805 Goldeneye Court; $292,000

Benjamin Lamson to James Thomas; 2648A Badger Road; $150,000

Hilda Burns to Dennis Brickhouse Jr.; 5115 Muirfield Loop; $325,000

Scott Fleming to Dillon Moerke; 3714 Bridle Path Lane; $260,000

Hailstorm LLC to Rachel Yunker; 1107 Pin Oak Drive; $265,000

Cynthia Massengill to Sarah Porzillo; 5916 Bradford St.; $219,500

Bluebird Homes LLC to Nicholas Figueroa; n/a; $260,000

Nancy Warren to Nancy Lester; 1065 Nansemond Parkway; $118,400

Andrew Chicoine to Donna Rice; 164 Rochdale Lane; $269,000

NVR Inc. to Jessica Dildy; 3039 Dabney Lane; $248,085

Andrew Miller to Joseph Juba II; 148 Sharpe Drive; $330,000

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Jurnigan Properties LLC; 223 N. 7th St.; $18,500

US Bank National Association to Navy An-Keilty; 6128 Bradford Drive; $48,007

HV 5801 LLC to 5801 Harbour View Assoicates LLC; 5801 Harbour View Blvd.; $2,600,000

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Pedro Becerra-Cely; 504 Spruce St.; $4,700

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Alexander Goodman; 2410 Randolph St.; $32,000

Sarah Pond to Lee Blanchard; 2502 Lake Cahoon Road;          $85,100

BCS Homes LLC to Robert McNaughton; 120 Meridian Place; $325,395

Robert Mueller to Brandon Carney; 512 Pecan Court; $265,000

Brian Owens to Kelly Outlaw; 2749 Nansemond Crescent; $185,000

Perennial LLC to Eddy Turner; 707 Nixon Drive; $135,000

NVR Inc. to Bianca Baker; 125 Patriots Walke Drive; $400,754

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Todd Rittenhouse; 111 Elmington Way; $171,100

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 173 Patriots Walke Drive; $88,500

Christopher Folgert to CGN Homebuyers1 LLC; 2658 Manning Road; $249,932

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One to Austin Lamb; 4152 Pitchard St.; $195,587

NVR Inc. to Lauren Lilii; 315 W. Constance Road; $220,290

Donald Goodman to Jacqueline Easley; 400 N. 5th St.; $4,400

NVR Inc. to Robert Harrelson; 154 Patriots Walke Drive; $344,720

Steven McMillian to David Price; 6416 Wet Marsh Court; $262,000

Gregory Parker to REM Holdings LLC: 0.12 acres; $15,000

Mark Baker to Glover Farms Partnership; 5 acres; $11,000

Andrew Morris to Justin Jackson; 5160 Mineral Spring Road; $55,000

Terry Winborne to Nand LLC; 133 Lee St.; $36,000

Randall Luke to Glen Day Jr.; 1460 Bridge Point Trail; $400,000

Professional Foreclosure Corporation to US Bank NA; 1228 Lake Kennedy Drive; $85,352

Frederick Cunningham to US Bank National Association; 760 Turlington Road; $184,260

WBLG Services LLC to OMEGA Investments Property LLC; 626 Battery Ave.; $26,000

124 LLC to Jorden Saunders; 740 Dutch Road; $285,000

SK4 LLC to Corner801 LLC; 801 W. Constance Road; $150,000

Select Partners LLC to Philip Stover; 1549 River Creek Crescent; $226,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Stanley Chiles; 407 Terrywood Drive; $318,025

Carla Hurt to Austin Reid; 1220 Woods Edge Circle; $182,900

Steven Kemp to Marie Webb; 2402 Red Oak Lane; $238,000

Gregory Gilliland to Micah Johnson; 3602 Pacers Place; $236,000

Kirk Lumber Company to Swain & Temple Inc.; 219.50 acres; $111,255

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One to Carolina Cats LLC; 1007 University Blvd.; $671,240

Melvin Langston to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 418 Dutch Road; $162

Holland Farm Properties LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 123.79 acres; $32,175

  1. Griffin, trustee, to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 4456 Deer Path Road; $36,075

Darnell Griffin to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 1 acre; $162

Faitmah Shahid to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 1 acre; $162

Shelia Sessoms to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 1 acre; $162

John Bowen to Maciej Tobola; 5106 West Creek Court; $695,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Charles Howell Jr.; 5008 Riverfront Drive; $387,500

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Susan Barba; 3220 Gardenia Court; $527,932