Old friends become colleagues

Published 10:32 pm Thursday, January 11, 2018

When the door closed on Olde Virginia Realty, a new door opened for Billy Chorey and his real estate company, Chorey and Associates Realty.

Thomas Moore, owner of Olde Virginia Realty, closed up shop and found himself working with his old friend, Chorey, at the tail end of 2017.

The pair were good friends growing up in Suffolk. They both knew each other when they went to Suffolk High School, and they even lived just a few blocks from each other during their childhood.

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“I opened up my own company in March of 1985. After a while I decided, with over 40 years of experience, as a one-man Realtor that I was coming to a crossroads,” Moore said. “I was ready to take away some of the overhead and close up my business.”

About a year ago, Moore gave Chorey a call to discuss where he was at in life, and Chorey was more than happy to bring Moore and his team, a part-time real estate agent and a receptionist, to his office on West Constance Road.

“It gives me a new dimension and insight of having another broker that’s faced the same problems. We can bounce ideas off of each other,” Chorey said. “God blessed me when he said he might close up.”

Chorey and Moore have a combined 82 years of experience, and it has them excited to see where they can take the business.

“I do a lot of land sales, so hopefully I can bring some of that to the table,” Moore said.

Along with land sales, Moore is no stranger to all aspects of real estate and is excited to bring all of his expertise to the table.

Not only are Chorey and his agents excited to have a seasoned real estate agent on the team, but also there has been a huge outpouring of public support for the transition, Chorey said.

Despite both being real estate agents in Suffolk, Moore never viewed himself and Chorey as competitors. They share a mutual respect, and even in tough situations they would call one another to talk it over.

Merging the two teams together will be seamless with Moore and Chorey having the same working ideals and passion for real estate.

“I just love helping people. Especially people that are first-time home buyers. It gives me more pleasure to make their dreams come true,” Moore said.

Chorey echoed his thoughts. “It gives me a rush to help someone find their home.”

Moore officially became a part of the Chorey and Associates team on Dec. 1, and Thursday was the official last day of Olde Virginia Realty.