Land Transfers for May 15-21

Published 10:13 pm Friday, May 22, 2020

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Land Transfers for May 15 – 21

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 129 Independence Court; $143,600


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Kirk Old LLC to NVR Inc; 107 Wood Fern Lane; $1,250,000

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc; 2037 Van Zandt Parkway; $174,000

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc; 2040 Van Zandt Parkway; $174,000

James W Keel III to Mary K Johnston; 1701 Water Edge Lane; $225,000

Fannie Mae to Jay R Enterprise LLC; 1006 Lake Kennedy Drive; $76,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Matthew R Kempson; 104 Retreat Drive; $266,174

Marvin G Sagun to Kenneth L Morton; 2121 Redgate Drive; $330,000

Jamie L Dik to Ron Lee Blount; 6520 Harbour Pointe Drive; $679,500

Roslyn Rae Kelly to Jim B Hendricks; 104 Stowe Drie Unit 41; $350,000

JMO Properties LLC to Everett R Hudson III; 133 North Street; $180,000

Vickie L Williams to Megan A Childs; 3725 Indian Trail; $334,000

Beverly Nelson Beamon to William F Messick; 3521 Godwin Boulevard; $238,000

ABT Custom Homes LLC to Jose A Camacho Martinez; 6100 Walkers Ferry Lane; $615,000

NVR Inc to William Luther Wilkinson III; 2090 Peterson Way; $298,990

Brittany Wells Sherrod to Kathryn E Weidenbenner; 1208 Woods Edge Circle; $185,000

Rodney Alexander Etheridge AKA to Christopher Mack Lowe; 142 Rochdale Lane; $296,000

Dallas C Gates to Raul Martinez Jr; 2014 Cassidy Court; $325,000

Keith Curran to Zachery W. Jensen; 2014 Cassidy Court; $299,900

Willard A Doss to Benjamin Raymond Riendeau; 100 Kings Point Drive; $350,000

NVR Inc to Nerio Jose Ruiz; 2049 Van Zandt Parkway; $291,455

Clayton E Johnson to Gail Elizabeth Schwartzer; 2981 Archer Mill Road; $528,000

Stacy Higgins to Eric R Coleman; 5014 Kings Grant Circle; $320,000

Craig Dylan Harmon to Mustafa Malik; 109 Whimbrel Drive; $387,900

Angel R Torres to Tiffany I Mellin; 6711 Braebourne Court; $353,875

Thomas E Connor to Jonathan Baisden; 220 Archers Drive; $259,900

Hoa Pham to Rodney James Crenshaw; 7011 Porthole Place; $313,900

Terry Ellen Warner to Dennis C Watson; 8811 South Quay Road; $21,351

Michael P Behrend to Graham Lambert; 3750 Willow Glenn Circle; $424,900

17 24 LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; Newby Rt 695 Branch; $409,269

1724 LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; Newby Rt 695 Branch; $869,105

1721 LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; Williams Rt 695 Norfolk; $158,500

Charles J Major to Misty B Turner; 104 Pippin Drive; $265,000

Wells Fargo USA Holdings Inc to Edith Nadeau; 6025 Godwin Boulevard; $57,000

Steve A Warren to Taquan Mizzell; 301 Cedar Street; $235,000

Tien N Lu to Joseph William Sabatino; 3620 Frazier Avenue; $228,750

James J Gallo TR ETC to Michael R Chambers TR ETC; 5261 River Club Drive; $1,037,000

John K Williams to Gregory Gittleman TR ETC; 6506 Harbour Pointe Drive; $514,900

Austin Reid to Pedro Borgespastrana; 1220 Woods Edge Circle; $220,000

Linwood I Wiggins to Found And Lost Company; 2216 Georgia Avenue; $30,000

NVR Inc to Desmone Christian Cypress Sr; 2051 Van Zandt Parkway; $295,465

Steven McArthur Gould to WH Chesapeake LLC Sr; 4416 Coltrane Avenue; $55,000

John D Gallagher to Daniel T Wisniewski; 6707 West Dickens Court; $319,900

N & N Land Company to Candi LLC; 438 North Main Street; $245,000

Bluebird LLC to Aaron Griswell; 121 Halifax Street; $40,000

US Bank Trust NA to James Arthur Darden Jr; 5796 Indian Trail; $95,000

Arthur Davis Whittaker Jr TR ETC to Ronald Steven Eley; 124 Winterview Drive; $372,000

NVR Inc to Jason D Middleton; 2094 Petersen Way; $249,675

Larenta J Bullock to Taylorria U Eley; 1319 Baltic Street; $175,000

Jacob A Rannings to Laurel L Woods; 8486 Longstreet Lane; $183,900

Alpha Thomas to Doris V Harriett; 418 Linden Avenue; $106,000