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Land transfers for June 19-25

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

June 19-25

SDW DAVID 18 LLC to CAP 1 SWEAT LLC; 1160 Portsmouth Boulevard; $1,270,742

Joseph Milleker IV to Ryan S Plourde; 2146 Redgate Drive; $332,000

Citgroup Mortgage Loan Trust to Michael R Hamilton; 3675 Labrador Lane; $257,100

Thomas Lynn Williams TR ETC to Jan H Henderson; 4108 River Park Drive; $235,000

William J Jones TR ETC to Virginia Natural Gas Inc; Hunter Street; $12,500

Micahel G Gionet Jr to Adam Lee Myers; 2560 Golden Maple Drive; $254,900

St. Joseph Reserve LLC to Carlos Manuel Rodriguez; 9261 Eclipse Drive; $335,000

NVR INC to David Wayne Smith; 101 Independence Court; $343,990

NVR INC to John Southall; 2038 Petersen Way; $217,976

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR INC; 417 Deceleration Lane; $181,800

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Kisa K McWhorter; 130 Creekfront Lane Unit 81; $369,594

Kirk Old LLC to NVR INC; 111 Woodfern Lane; $115,000

Legacy Home Building LLC to John C McDowall; 410 Smith Street; $224,800

NVR INC to Julie Bernaette Cruz; 2046 Van Zandt Parkway; $268,065

4 College Court LLC to Brian Alan Bradley Logan; 4 College Court; $224,800

Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to Midgette LLC; 127 Robin Lane; $215,000

Gregory J Leffler TR ETC to Mickey Cuesta; 6377 Scottsfield Drive; $225,000

Carlos Rodriguez to Matthew Darren Martinez; 212 Archers Drive; $260,000

112 North LLC to Keystone Investment Firm LLC; 112 North Street; $28,500

Marianne G Walston to Amy O Remington; 4421 Winona Trail; $455,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Richard Anthony Harrison; 115 Sandcastle Circle; $379,900

Charles E Wright IV Heirs to Clay W Hardee; 9138 Eclipse Drive; $199,000

James Harbin to Bertram Cowell; 4021 Brians Lane; $350,000

John T Dowd to Mark W Hughes; 1328 Meade Drive; $409,900

James H Durden Jr to Danielle Kristen Garrick; 510 Kilby Avenue; $198,900

VINBILKEN LLC to Toni L Miller; 332 Highland Avenue; $140,000

Joseph Williams Jr to Aunitra Holland; 104 Timberneck Arch; $176,500

Marc A Camacho to Trimaine Brinkley; 115 Watch Harbour Court; $775,000

Jeffrey Alan Dearborn Heir to Allen Wayne Muscarella; 1432 Redwood Court; $207,500

Darlene Elsie Knight to Byron E Turner; 211 King Fisher Drive; $489,000

N Kevin Milteer to Paul T Milteer; 31.98 Acres Rt666 Milteer; $19,000

N Kevin Milteer to Paul T Milteer; 9000 Gates Road; $81,000

Tracy B Mummert II to Christopher Daniel Ferguson; 6909 Leyton Place; $330,000

Jason Spitler to Benjamin M Morgan; 2375 Cherry Grove Road; $360,000

David E Bowles to Fritzelle A Butler; 135 Torrington Circle; $470,000

Melvin Lewis Copeland Jr to Hampton Roads Holding Company; 4455 Donald Avenue; $20,000

NVR INC to April Marie Powell; 2034 Petersen Way; $215,690

Harbourview Spa LLC to Columbia Gas of Virginia Inc; 5832 Harbour View Boulevard; $1

Nansemond Reserve Investors LP to Columbia Gas of Virginia Inc; 4316 Sleepy Hole Road; $1

Mills A March TR ETC to Curtis N Mehalko; 6717 South Quay Road; $165,000

Heidi K Allen to Cassandra Santoy; 206 Archers Drive; $230,000

Edmond Morris to Stephen Dozier; 3928 Whaleyville Boulevard; $265,000

Harry E Sykes Sr TR ETC to Cynthia B Lewis; 5196 Townpoint Road; $150,000

William A Terry to Kelly Grace Pyron; 5561 Weatherby Way; $257,500

Lynae Hutchinson to Sarah E Montgomery; 544 Kings Fork Road; $269,000

Ryan Anthony Strawbridge to Tami R Knight; 308 Ford Drive; $365,000

Barbara A Turner to Shervon T Dubique; 268 Wexford Drive West; $130,000

Grove Avenue Development Association to Isabel Maria Rosa Felix; 123 Bowman Drive; $394,885

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLLP to Emily B Christman TR ETC; 132 Creekfront Lane; $359,674

Kenisha Haywood to Jennifer Boulin; 2013 Soundings Crescent Court; $265,900

NVR INC to Darius Stephan Jones; 2040 Petersen Way; $204,980

Joseph J Ingham to Jessica Kaiser; 2771 Burning Tree Lane; $376,000

Chase W Cleary to Stephanie L Matheney; 105 Linden Avenue; $156,400

Jeffery E Moore to Julius B Samonte; 1013 Bay Breeze Drive Unit 86; $279,000

Thomas T Brinkley Jr to Franklin G Richards; 361 Turlington Road; $173,000

Frank J St. George to Elayne Clarke; 107 Auburn Court; $225,000

Tolarrio D White to Levett Lamar Ruffin Jr; 102 Dutchland Trail; $282,000

Dominique Tillett to Eileen Helen Floyd; 212 Widgeon Court; $163,000

Robert Eugene Tompert to Stephanie Ragan; 511 Western Avenue; $145,000

Gregory Ermatinger to Judy Ann McDougle; 2010 Nicklaus Drive; $230,000

Monique J Johnson to Alex Espinosa; 6017 Newington Place; $245,000

Courtesy Homes LLC to William Goodman; 125 North 8th Street; $25,000

Claudia A Hill to Jethro D Mason; 313 Duke Street; $26,000