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Land Transfers for July 3-9

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

 July 3 – July 9

Patrick R Brown to Tonja N Thornton; 210 Markham Street; $374,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Quincy Atkins; 1104 Island Park Circle; $231,900

William M Daubenspeck to Robert Hill; 6032 Knotts Neck Road; $80,000

Donnie L Hoskins to Logan Seligman; 3312 Rockcreek Lane; $325,000

Steven Larson to Jerry Malone, Jr; 3001 Doncaster Drive; $315,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Emmanual Tyshon Stevenson; 128 Sandcastle Circle; $417,900

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Glenn Muller; 132 Sandcastle Circle; $413,900

Mary G Woodson TR ETC to Aubrey F Morgan Living Trust; 6040 Camellia Drive; $237,500

James J Riley Jr to Jonathan D Kidd; 210 Katherine Street; $164,900

Sylvia R Howard to Antjurn McMiller; 3757 Pear Orchard Way; $242,000

??? Terry Peterson Residential Eleven to John Gregory Taulbee; 2002 Queens Point Drive; $314,900

FMS Properties LLC to SOVA Home Buyers LLC; 8913 South Quay Road; $60,000

NVR INC to Calvin Vincent; 2048 Petersen Way; $208,060

Brian S Thomas to Melonie Monique Suber; 6721 Burbage Landing Circle; $335,000

Thomas G Czerwinski to Darryn Drag; 1024 Delaware Avenue; $225,900

Charles William Throne TR ETC  to Brickcraft Masonry, Inc; Lot 7 DIV of Prop of W Dan Holly Jr ET ALS 2.4438 Acres or less; $205,000

Franklin Chatman to Bristol D Rollins; 2004 Timberlake Drive; $277,500

Bryce R Kessler to Sione Tuione Pulotu III; 6302 Sandgate Drive South; $355,000

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc; 2032 Van Zandt Parkway; $348,000

Vincent Davis to Hewitt Ray Curtis Jr; 2004 Redgate Drive; $295,000

Carrie Chatterton to Cynthia L Wylie; 2740 Duckwood Court; $482,500

Lindsey N. Bulzan to Christian J Kalisek; 3604 Traverse Circle; $270,000

LV Realty LLC to Elizabeth D. Flippin; 202 Palmyra Drive; $232,000

Planters Station LLC to Robert J. Joseph; 226 McCormick Drive; $334,875

Planters Station LLC to Vonda M Winkler; 101 Chalmers Drive; $347,315

Dacian S Robinson to Dustin M Parks; 571 Lummis Road; $363,500

Weeks Construction LLC to Donald W Wiggins; 2640 Jackson Road; $354,900

Brian M Shaw to RSL Homes LLC; 1402 Falcon Street; $216,200

James Gray Smith to D. Brian Lovingood; 1609 Moores Point Road; $75,000

Linwood M Williams to Michael Hearn; 229 Crown Arch; $342,000

Anna Zafarino to Parker Springgs; 208 Bennetts Grove Lane; $386,000

Bridget H Harris to Nicholas Charles Fleischer; 3508 Cantering Court; $250,000

Jammie Leroy Faltz to Lakeisha Deone Jefferson; 4025 Brians Lane; $350,000

Justin Terry to Tyra Reid; 503 Melrose Court; $189,900

Gregory D Melvin to Casey L Bridges; 5770 Hawk Lane; $340,000

R Scott Carr to Jeffrey Michael Tomlin; 533 West Riverview Drive; $778,000

Nicole L Moore to Gregory Lewis Washington; 165 Hall Avenue; $201,000

Angela Hilliard to Patrick D Chadwick Jr; 6606 James Point Court; $290,000

Daniels Construction Corp to Tracy D Ham II; 6936 Crittenden Road; $199,900

Forest A Cain to Richard Eugen Slama; 3613 Blue Stem Court; $490,000

Angela Hilliard to Patrick D Chadwick Jr; 6606 James Point Court; $290,000

Adam L Smoot to Tyrell Colbert; 6207 Fieldcrest Court; 310,000

Monica Quinones to Michael Dale Watson Jr; 3605 Corral Cove; 275,000

Christopher F Stenger to Craig Stephen Jenkins;133 Graystone Trace; $268,400

Andrew Scott Hufton to Micahel A Todd; 325 Suburban Drive; $180,000

Planters Station LLC to Tracy W Davis; 108 Allis Drive; $381,950

Angela Hilliard to Patrick D Chadwick Jr; 6606 James Point Court; $290,000

Clarence D Roberston to Cyrus Ghavam; 5219 Shoal Creek Road; $400,000

Christopher L Bellomy Sr to Samuel Chung; 204 Markham Street; $375,000

Carroll L Finch II to Micahel Linell Jones; 104 Brewer Avenue; 360,000

Fort Hale Investments II LLC to Brent T George; 9137 South Quay Road; $247,500

David W Matthews to Gregory J Roberts; 123 Lane Street; $130,000

RF8B LLC to Devin Eselius; 100 Drifter Drive; $386,290

William L Conrad to Mark W Becker; 219 Water Pointe Way; $539,000

Villas At Lake Meade LLC to Joseph M Montano Dominguez; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 105; $239,000

Francisco D Felpie to Latoya Hill; 1024 Windward Lane; $445,000

Sawmill Point Road Trust 1749 to Daniels Construction Corporation; $27,000

Oommen Mathews to Daniels Construction Corporation; 0 Prospect Road; 60,000

Daniel Allen Price to Rick D Ahlborn; 8224 Canterbury Crest Lane; $565,000