Land Transfers for Oct. 22-28

Published 4:46 pm Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Oct 22 – 28

William Haynackie to Melaine J Hall; 208 Oakwood Avenue; $280,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Ian W Stanley; 111 Village Pointe Drive; $310,725


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Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Nathan Hufford; 111 Brookside Lane; $406,435

Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Lisa Debouse; 105 Sea Hero Court; $527,959

Grant M Pilver to Thomas Wisdom; 8487 Longstreet Lane; $267,000

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 101 Declaration Lane; $185,800

Amparo N Brown TR ETC to Caylan Jeanlouis; 416 Waterwheel Crescent; $265,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Kirk Old FF LLC; 206 Foxfield Parkway; $1,866,782

Nicholas Barton to Justin Carl Carpenter; 112 Hopemont Lane; $260,000

Four Fiftyfive LLC to Larry W Woods Jr; 356 Collins Road; $395,000

Nathan S OBrien to Christian R Parilla; 5110 Bayport Landing; $735,000

Carlie R Harrell to Heidi Ruth Reynolds; 2647 Desert Road; $190,000

Amanda A Pecore to Alan Rapael; 4030 Ravine Gap Drive; $380,000

Javert Matthis to Courtesy Home Buyers LLC; 117 Bute Street; $90,500

Jacob Lee to Adam Peterson; 3020 Dabney Lane; $345,500

Mark Karfonta to Reginald Evans; 1802 Savoy Court; $275,000

Taylor Construction LLC to Brian R Colon Rodriguez; 107 Sea Hero Court; $475,620

Jeffery Gagin to Gregory Price; 2003 Woodshire Way, $350,000

Robin L Zepp to Michelle Marie Warren; 4988 Quaker Drive; $394,900

Rock Harbor Group LLC to Midsouth Trading Company; 112 Woodrow Avenue; $130,000

Tyrone E Alexander to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 2526 Queens Point Drive; $12,982

Melvin J Peters to Paul C Jackson; 208 Chenango Crescent; $353,500

Anthony J Urbanski to Jaleisha J Freeman; 2077 Maple Leaf Crescent; $340,000

Brian Kevin Creech to Christopher Albertson; 6000 Scuppernong Drive; $295,000

Rory Erhardt to Rebecca E Bair; 115 Dunbar Drive; $298,000

Florence R Marrone to Lindsey B Doughtery; 4617 Schooner Boulevard; $300,000

KFV Homes LLC to Jermaine D Williams; 104 Restful Court; $375,985

Peter Henry to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 410 S. Main Street; $10,942

Porch View Properties LLC to Nicholas Andrew Barton; 500 Greenway Road; $250,000

Paramount Investments LLC to Otis Sessoms; 3013 Livery Street; $275,000

Gregory Arnold Durick to David A Jones; 3608 Cook Road; $305,000

Darryl J Taylor to Jessica P Vanleer; 5100 Clipper Cove Lane; $685,000

RF8B LLC to Jimmy C Melvin; 124 Longtail Drive; $418,511

NRGC Development LLC to Richard I Headley; 129 Norfleet Lane; $325,000

Emily T Knick to Taiz Lynn Headley; 218 Bedford Place; $188,900

Harry Hilton to Cheryl G Jeffers; 1523 Forest Glen Circle; $245,000

Thomas Jake Burns to Spencer K Christian; 303 Kingsale Road; $256,500

Randolph Crocker Sr to Loblolly Properties LLC; 123 River Wood Trace; $315,100

Buone Case Enterprises LLC to Keylu LLC; 219 Spruce Street; $42,000

Brain James Naughton to Travis Octavius Flowers; 514 West Washington Street; $414,900

James Rizer to Gary Saunders; 106 Stowe Drive; $439,900

Harry D Walters to Pamela Katlyn Graham; 1312 Beechwood Avenue; $250,000

Steven A Hedger to Henry J Haubold; 5549 Weatherby Way; $300,000

KFV Homes LLC to Shawn L Saunders; 107 Restful Court; $382,600

Yolanda Moore to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; $12,116

Jason P Bailey to Lainie D Yeager; 300 Edward Avenue; $325,000

Marcelo A Asmat to Jeremy Scott Tavares; 2115 Brians Lane; $390,000

Patricia Moore Harbour to Maureen Murray Higgs; 2140 Partridge Place; $460,000

Christopher J Piotrowski to Jason Q Wiggins; 106 Lancelot Drive; $315,000

William A Lee to Gregory Arnold Durick; 3403 Dumpling Court; $554,900

Lake Meade VA LLC to Marcus Treon Edwards; 154 Preserve Way; $467,014

Joseph E Johnson III to Wayne Guan; 3733 Old Mill Road; $425,000

John P Wright to Tonya M White; 108 Lookout Circle; $700,000