Land Transfers for July 1-7

Published 6:39 pm Tuesday, July 26, 2022

July 1 – 7

Tisha Lenette Brown to Jonathon Maldonado; 240 Craftsman Circle; $266,000

Leon R. Dasco to BCB Realty LLC; 606 Bravo Court; $179,900


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BCQ Towns LLC to Yaa Akomah Asenso; 2001 Laycock Lane #103; $354,985

NVR Inc. to Todd Dickens; 22 Cecelia Way; $304,645

Michael Trent Savage to Ashley Drew Savage; 143 Five Mile Road; $264,879

Micahel SR Rogers SE TR ETC to Terell England AKA; 6336 Old Townpoint Road; $225,000

Barney E, Howard to Fiasco Lands 2 LLC; 8555 New Road; $550,000

BCQ Towns LLC to Catherine Butler; 2001 Laycock Lane #100; $381,630

Johnny Taylor Penigar to Alexander Jm Gerriets; 125 Brewers Avenue; $174,999

Terry Peterson Residential Tirty to James J. Winchell; 104 Beacon Run; $331,000

Kelsie Grace McManus to Samuel K. Cooper; 3107 Strata Court; $180,000

Eleanor G. Holland to Gary Whittington Sr.; 1011 Nicklaus Drive; $270,000

Alan T. Brandt to Joshua Harvey Lynch; 3607 Halter Cove; $400,000

James A. Migliore AKA to Travis Hutcherson; 4347 Lake Prince Drive; $392,000

Flips LLC to Dorothea Smith; 614 Hollywood Avenue; $219,999

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Antonio Rodriguez; 1206 Union Pacific Way; $316,865

NRGC Development LLC to Octavia Jackson; 142 Peck Lane; $421,437

Francis Forster Cooke to Natahn R. Lee Jr.; 430 Waterwheel Crescent; $325,000

John Albert Mulvey to Rebecca Dorschel Nairn; 536 W Riverview Drive; $549,000

Travis Vanden Brink to Levin Jospeh Keeley; 1146 Woods Parkway; $395,600

JMA Rentals LLC to Triple T Properties LLC; 305 Pitchkettle Road; $130,000

FFC Properties LLC to Debra Dorothea Crowder; 605 Bravo Court; $266,000

Rhoda Ayers to Timothy F. Dixon; 7920 Harvest Drivel $389,900

Darin Nave to Jennifer E. Peters; 172 North Liberty Springs Road; $505,000

Anthony Korbely to Zachary Michael Annichiarico; 6769 Burbage Lake Circle; $400,000

Shree Designs LLC to O.J. Miller; 115 Nansemond Pointe Drive; $605,000

John R. Kratz to Balke Ward; 2040 Nansemond Parkway; $350,000

Rebecca Parobechek to Trenton Michael Porter; 1231 Exchange Road; $172,000

Debra Ann McFee to RST Investments LLC; 201 Park Road; $198,000

Kimberly Ann Duda to Amy E. Gunteski; 716 W. Riverview Drive; $330,000

Thomas E. Lowe to Christian Lamont Johnson; 4485 Burning Tree Court; $470,000

Nathan A. Sutherland to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC; 416 Broad Street N; $360,000

Anthony W. Howell to Thomas Alexander Bridges III; 105 Toddsbury Court; $275,000

Seaboard Enterprises Inc. to Simone Ballard; 102B Tree Lane; $274,900

Cherry Grove Road North LLC to Frank M. Rawls; 2370 Cherry Grove Road; $52,900

Cherry Grove Road North LLC to Frank M. Rawls; 2360 Cherry Grove Road; $52,900

BC Branch Enterprises Inc. to Ryan Jerome Thuecks; 508 York Street; $299,990

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Michael R. Jackson; 215 Creek Front Lane; $524,925

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Virginia Cothren MacDonald; 217 Creek Front Lane; $526,225

Robert D. Kosinski to Vernessa R. Clark; 5207 Shoal Creek Road; $395,000

Sasser Construction LC to Eugene Johnson; 117 Creek Lane; $599,900

David Arnold to Shelly Brown Rainey; 3511 Sedgefield Street; $404,000

Christopher Kinsey to Joshua J Hopper; 307 Collins Road; $470,000

EMR Investments Incorporated to Hannah J. Fagan; 5013 Bay Circle; $290,000

Sobeye A. Freeman TR ETC to Pamela Denise Murphy; 3505 Ludlow Cove; $471,000

David J. Kline to Nathaniel Irvine; 3013 Waterjump Crescent; $390,000

23RD Century Land Holdings LLC to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC; 2037 Brians Lane; $450,000

Brandon C Carpenter to Ryan Douglas Messall; 2709 Gunston Drive; $220,000

Charles C. Hall to Melvin A Futrell; 210 Summerfield Court; $440,000

Samuel S. Travis to Jacob Brandt; 1486 Elderberry Road; $450,000

Cynthia Hogan to Fidencio D. Castillo; 123 Saint James Avenue; $110,000

Wesley Myles Marshman to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC; 504 Osceola Avenue; $185,000

Lindaann Thomson to Lawrence Drennen; 1538 Shellito Lane; $310,000

Tammy Lee Monroe to Owen R. Mims; 9188 Dixon Road; $300,000

Daniel Edward Joyner to Robert Joyner; 7917 Gates Road; $200,000

Bryan D. Wingate to Sols Partners LLC; 3960 Pughsville Road; $25,000

James T. Morgan to Robert Campbell Heisler; 6043 Steeplechase Lane; $445,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Mario Caballero Cabahug II; 161 American Way; $358,575

Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads to Rozita Rogers; 206 Maple Street; $240,000

Treavor Scott Jenkins to Merrill Kenneth King Jr.; 1400 Blythwood Lane; $189,900

RSL Homes LLC to Meredith Ann Hodgin; 4425 Hubbard Avenue; $314,000

Nathan L. Foust to Ryan Ramsey; 4402 Carter Lane; $400,000

Hermitage Point LLC to NVR Inc; TBD Marston Street; $336,000

Joel R. Fortune to Rachel M. Carteron; 1024 MacArthur Drive; $3,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co to TNT Investing LLC; 104 Wake Forest Court; $130,000

Michael Christopher Lee to Andrew Bennett; 1310 Beechwood Avenue; $270,000