Land Transfers for Sept. 9 – 15

Published 5:30 pm Friday, September 30, 2022

Carl R. Garrett to Micah J. Brewer; 1635 Buckhorn Drive; $426,500

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Janelle Perkins; 1023 Paragon Way #C; $464,880

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Alexander C. Hale; 229 Veterans Court; $369,320


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John Cronwell Jr. to Jeffrey Brandon Vincent; 1409 Planters Drive; $281,900

Dexter Wayne Ledbetter to Taylor Gwaltney; 809 East Wavey Court; $235,500

Coastal Virginia Partners LLC to NVR Inc.; 13 Cecelia Way; $425,118

BCQ Towns LLC to Monica Kelly Coleman; 1003 Opal Street #103; $343,940

Robert W. Weeks Jr. to Jorge L. Garcia; 4042 Ravine Gap Drive; $442,500

Robert Slingluff to David A Griffin; 6262 Holland Road; $449,900

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Nathan Michale Torres; 221 Veterans Court; $350,425

Shannon E. Glover to Empire Recycling; 278 Suburban Drive; $120,000

Ashley B. Ramos to Candy L. Pachak; 2016 Sweetwood Drive; $422,500

BSJ LLC to Russ A. Gordon; 102 Secretariat Drive; $582,175

BC Branch Enterprises Inc. to Brandon Vaughan; 1045 Old Somerton Road; $300,000

Gabriella G. Villarreal Ross to Graham Sweitzer; 6908 Leefield Court; $400,000

East Coast Development Group Inc to David Marshall; 4015 Evan Circle; $850,000

John J. Rawlings Jr. to Sarah Ann Frances Garrett; 2357 Kings Fork Road; $795,000

Jessica Wyrick Sprague to Mark Eckhardt; 5640 Plummer Boulevard; $180,000

Juliana Parker Smith to Coastal Virginia Partners LLC; 2002 Holland Road; $1,136,500

NVR Inc. to Quintin Brown; 33 Cecelia Way; $279,990

Paula A Witcomb to Lorenzo J. Mallory Sr.; 2006 Barka Drive; $415,000

Craig Johnson LLC to Hampton Roads Sanitation District; 860 Portsmouth Blvd; $27,500

Coyt D. Hargus to Douglas S Sutton; 2101 Kings Fork Road; $250,000

William A. Franklin to Jannie Byrum; 1424 Planters Drive; $248,000

Kate Schifferli to Amy .D Pearson; 2571 River Watch Drive; $440,000

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Roy C. Hilborn; 1023 Paragon Way #A; $437,685

NVR Inc. to Kirk Mitchell; 35 Cecila Way; $304,325

Melina T. Hector to Adrian Neville Smith; 4005 Holston Court; $310,000

Full Gospel Revival Center of Suffolk to City of Suffolk; White Marsh Road; $100,000

Terry Crawley Heir to Christopher Wagner; 1080 Portsmouth Boulevard; $247,500

Nice Heritage LLC to Dwight S. Dodson; 1558 Airport Road; $359,900

153 West Washington LLC to 153 W. Washington Street; $220,000

Richard M. Swink Jr. to Ronald R Williams; 1741 Mill Wood Way; $399,000

Jim G. Bradley II to Illichris Gordon; 4058 Ravine Gap Drive; $450,900

Robin P. Cochran II to City of Suffolk; Lots 81 83 and 85 Bute Street Pughsville; $29,400

Pedro Becerra Cely to Allister Stephen; 608 Ashley Avenue; $65,500

Shellie Atkins to Jessica Wyrick Sprague; 1651 Wilroy Road 102; $299,000

James O. Carr TR ETC to Casey J. Williams; 1889 Kings Fork Road; $290,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Robert Davis; 172 Norfleet Lane; $434,860

Robert L. Odom Jr. to Aaron M. Shaffer; 3605 Coach House Court; $367,500

Carlos M. Rivera to Carri Bandy; 700 Lake Meade Drive; $455,000

Pitchkettle Lake Meade LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 131 Abbey Road; $116,000

Charlena Beebe to Sigbjorn Sigurdsson; 916 Virginia Avenue; $300,000

Lake Meade VA LLC to Graig Allen Withrow; 1011 Egret Lane; $587,264

Jake N. Duhon to Buddy Mees; 1511 Raven Street; $331,000

Kenzie Davenport to Vincent Larosa; 336 Northbrooke Avenue; $380,000