Land Transfers for Sept. 29 – Oct 5

Published 4:12 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2023

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Hawa P. Riley to Rodney Edward Taverna; 4015 Palmer Court; $360,000

Carl W. Graborik to Stephanie M. Granberry; 3808 Mockingbird Lane: $489,000

Reginald Hudson to Ogbonna Osouna; 4007 Evan Circle; $835,000

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James L Edwards to Donald A Michalek; 3009 Campbell Lake Lane; $535,000

John E King to JK Construction Services LLC; 145 Shell Road; $85,000

John F Pinner III to City of Suffolk; Right of Way Historical Street E Boston; $19,265

Jeffery A Milota to Jonathan M Sotosky; 113 Waterview Road; $700,000

Richard A Brugh to Christopher R Elliott; 1525 Sleepy Lake Parkway; $397,000

Stanley I Claud to Rasom Group LLC; 207 Baker Street; $40,000

Stanley I Claud to Rasom Group LLC; Lot 20 Pleasant Hill; $40,000

Kenneth E Bacon to Nancy H Roddy; 208 Pond Drive; $266,000

Helen Boyd Lewis to Daniels Construction Corp.; 205 Columbus Avenue; $37,500

Nathan Holmes to Clairease Booker; 6417 Worcester Way; $429,500

Lemonade MM Suffolk LLC to City of Suffolk; 123 North Main Street; $1,550,000

Lake Meade VA LLC to Pedro Ramos, Jr.; 125 Abbey Road; $523,900

Kendall M Donker to Joshua Bennett; 2917 Ames Cove Drive; $430,000

Superior Pride Inc. to Porter L Young; 2313 Manning Road; $45,000

Ras Trustee Services LLC. to Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group LLC; $19,775

James L Meeks to Michelle L Rodgers; 4908 Fennell Court; $489,500

Iron Trust Real Estate LLC to Donte D Cartagena; 1912 Greenway Road; $450,000

NVR Inc. to Annah M Cartagena; 39 Clara Court; $287,465

Kim Plummer to Cynthia Ann Honcharik; 2001 Laycock Lane #104; $388,000

Edward K Morris, Jr. to Steve A Warren; 828 Kilby Avenue; $80,000

CEPCO 1 LLC to Scott A Overton; 50 River Edge Drive; $300,000

Logan Q Fogarty to Darrance Cain; 138 Kristen Lane; $323,000

Current Homes LLC. to Kyle Siegfried; 111 Dana Drive; $335,000

BC Branch Enterprises LLC to Abraham Demetrius Brown: 861 Kilby Avenue; $247,500

Mary Grace Garner Atkins to Robbin Scott Tunnell; 4826 Godwin Boulevard; $10,000

WH Chesapeake LLC A to Antwaun Kenneth Douglas; 522 Kilby Avenue; $330,000

Philip M Host to Michael Aaron Oden; 115 Pitchkettle Point Circle; $509,000

Richard J Carrie to Columbia Gas Transmission LLC; 9018 Hillpoint Boulevard; $247

School Board for the City of Suffolk to Columbia Gas Transmission LLC; Parcel B Hillpoint Farms Replat Parcels S*9 and O*2; $307

Charles W Davis to Barbara A Bynum; 2014 Nicklaus Drive Unit 110; $345,000

George G Joyner III to Kelvin Kent Quinn, Sr.; 4309 Edgewater Lane; $710,000

Brian Erwin to Jason Raymond Ford: 5188 Townpoint Road; $125,000

Dwight James to John Paul Perez, Jr.; 5240 Shoulders Hill Road; $375,000

Phillip West to Alaisa Core; 100 Dove Court; $372,000

Yair Pinto to Hermoine Cuffee Wilson; 1309 Cerhiton Lane; $240,000

James E Gordon, Jr. to  Leandris Frison, Sr.; 125 Riverwood Trace; $370,000

William E Kessinger, Jr. to Jennifer Ann Zawondy; 1612 Holly Point Lane; $450,000

Ciprian Corobana to Clarise Paige Thompson; 156 Squire Reach; $244,000

Paramount Investments LLC to Susan A George; 514 Boxwood Court; $269,900

Linda Newsome to Chase Trucking LLC; 7150 Crittenden Road; $193,500

Edward W Perrine to Timothy R Sexton; 2204 Stuart Avenue; $225,000

Dwayne E Black Sr. to William Thomas Blackerby; 119 Creek Lane; $585,000

Thomas M Baines to Nina Nicole Montanez; 9020 Parker Store Road; $225,000

Legacy Mortgage Asset Trust to ARC Repairs & Construction LLC; 2473 Box Elder Road; $192,000

Penny H Pfeil to Stephen J Langston; 1010 Maryland Avenue; $490,000

John Jones to Charles D Parr, Sr.; 117 Pine Street; $7,500

Cory Adam Seto to Kelvoni D Fonteno; 200 Seasons Circle #605; $320,000

Spenser J Sumner to Felicity A Lynch; 7150 Ruritan Boulevard; $465,000

5 Pines Corporation to Commonwealth of Virginia; 2002 Portsmouth Boulevard; $155,000

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Jon Charles Landis; 1011 Diamond Way #B; $506,645

Dave R Churchya to Daniel P Simpson; 5630 Mineral Spring Road; $610,000

Manuel Alexis Saa to Joseph Small; 5305 Sports Club Run 400; $437,000

FFC Properties LLC to Alma Evelyn Sealey; 208 Waterwood Way; $379,500