Bon Secours opens up pharmacy

Published 10:44 pm Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Aviance Lewis is the pharmacist at The Good Health Pharmacy. The pharmacy will open on Aug. 5.

Aviance Lewis is the pharmacist at The Good Health Pharmacy. The pharmacy will open on Aug. 5.

By William Scott


Bon Secours Health Care on Harbour View Boulevard will add a fully functional pharmacy on Aug. 5, culminating a two-year process to add the service that other Bon Secours locations already have.


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The Good Health Pharmacy was created to fulfill a need at Bon Secours Health Center to provide all possible heath care services to its patients.

“We hope that it will help us increase the compliance with our patients,” said Ashley Russo, administrative director of ambulatory services. “Because it’s a convenient service we have here they are more likely to adhere to the instruction given by the physician and follow those prescription plans.”

This service has already been available at other Bon Secours locations such as DePaul Medical Center, Mary Immaculate Hospital, and Maryview Medical Center.

Conceptual design for the pharmacy began two years ago, and construction began in late May. Approval from the Virginia Board of Pharmacy, security systems testing and licensing was required before the pharmacy could be opened.

“One of the things we did with our over-the-counter services to do with is try to tailor it to the other services we have on campus,” Russo said. “We chose our inventory based on the services that were already here on this campus.”

Patients will be able to pick up their prescriptions and other materials before they leave the facility. Other features, such as the ability for a family member to pick up prescription medication while a patient is in surgery, are also available.

Over-the-counter medications, first aid supplies and prescription drugs will be available to customers.

“I take pride in getting to know my patients,” Aviance Lewis, pharmacist at Good Health Pharmacy said. “I want people to feel like I care about them, not just the fact that they’re here to get a prescription.”

Lewis will provide medication, diabetic counseling and immunizations.

Doctors will coordinate with the staff at Good Health Pharmacy. An on-site electronic system will be used to have prescriptions filled by pharmacists and ready for patients as they leave the facility. Prescriptions can also be received through fax, phone, and email.

Delivery services will also be available to patients through the pharmacy. Launching in two weeks following the facility’s opening, the delivery service will be available to patients between Bridge Road and College Drive. Employees who work in the designated area may be able to have their prescriptions delivered to their place of work by filling out an enrollment form.

Couriers will be sent out once a day with filled prescriptions to participating businesses. Packages will be delivered in confidential tamper proof bags. There is no additional fee for delivery.