Children vote at sweetFrog

Published 11:12 pm Tuesday, November 8, 2016

On Election Day, rather than voting for the blue or the red party, children voted for their favorite flavors and toppings among the array of multi-colored options at Sweet Frog.

“Election Day is so big for adults so we wanted to do something for the kids, too,” said Tracey DeWitt, owner of the Harbour View sweetFrog restaurant.

After filling their yogurt cups, the kids were encouraged to fill out their ballots and place them in the ballot box adjacent to the register. By late afternoon, more than 20 ballots had been filed, according to DeWitt.

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Through the years, DeWitt has noticed the top flavor among the kids is cake batter, followed by cookies-and-cream and chocolate.

Ella, 7, and Grayson Holcomb, 10, both voted for chocolate.

Ella said she voted for the flavor, “Because I really, really like chocolate.”

Grayson chose brownies as his favorite topping, while his sister chose Oreos.

“When my mom makes them, they are the best,” Grayson said. “That’s why I pick them.”

Once the winning flavor and topping is tallied up, DeWitt said she will post the results on the store’s Facebook page.

This marks the inaugural year of the “yogurt election” and DeWitt said, “The kids seem to be having fun doing it.”

The Harbour View store had not been around long during the last presidential election.

“We were still getting our feet wet,” DeWitt said.

Since then, sweetFrog’s corporate marketing team has ramped up its campaigns and included the “yogurt election” as one of its initiatives.

“sweetFrog is really good about involving the community,” DeWitt said.

In addition to the ballots, DeWitt also had coloring pages on display for the children. Some parents colored with their children.

“How great is that that they’re doing it together,” she said.