Land Transfers for May 21 – 27

Published 4:49 pm Friday, May 28, 2021

May 21 – 27

Catherine J Nelms to Ryan Construction Co. Inc; Waters Sears Pope; $96,000

NVR Inc to Philip James Clawson; 129 Declaration Lane; $440,705


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Harlena C Magee to Brandi Adele Colander; 2617 East Washington Street; $140,000

Tidewater Animal Clinic LLC to Mabel Lou of Constance LLC; 542 East Constance Road; $350,000

Justin J Hitz to James Aaron Coker; 3009 Catalina Avenue; $273,000

Robert Sewell Clark to Justin Hosack; 1832 Monticello View; $290,000

Darryl G Gangdeen to Jose Luis Valencia Gomez; 200 Bennetts Grove Lane; $395,000

BSJ LLC to Charles R Dean II, 109 Secretariat Drive; $482,500

Richard S Edmondson to Creleton Howell; 4429 Kendal Way; $450,000

David C Leiker to Matthew James Pistritto; 6114 Wet Marsh Court; $341,000

Elizabeth G Andrews Executrix to Deandra J Powell; 307 Bullock Street; $69,000

James J Guerino to Jeffrey Benjamin Perry; 7579 Elwood Road; $235,000

Merald Walker to Tameka Edwards; 201 Archers Drive; $280,000

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR Inc; 209 Victory Place; $92,100

Eric T Crandell to Jerrell D Thomas; 4020 Abercorn Drive; $255,000

Kathleen K Sprague to Brain C Whitehead; 201 Black Oak Court; $441,000

David Hayes to Austin L Bohl; 1998 Pittmantown Road; $355,000

FFC Properties LLC to Wilfredo Figueroa Santiago; 1006 Silver Charm Circle; $300,000

Olubukola O Adeyemi to King Bright OBeng; 6089 Newington Place; $260,000

Austin Perry West to Latasha B Scott; 3503 Burlington Street; $215,000

Village Pointe LLC to Village Pointe Land LLC; 105 Village Pointe Drive; $1,020,000

Ainslie Group Inc to Amansa D Robinson; 4015 Harvest Drive Reach Lane; $575,000

Matthew G Delong to Christopher Perkinsl 152 Rabey Farm Road; $391,000

RF8B LLC to Sharon A Bunn; 126 Longtail Drive; $430,014

Scott V Gartner to Thomas Corbitt Jr; 2716 Nansemond Crescent; $360,000

Cristale J Roddy to Kenneth Wren Sr; 1051 Bay Breeze Drive; $312,000

Louis F Rave TR ETC to Zachary Johnson; 130 Birchside Drive; $320,500

Pizza Hut of America LLC to 1110 N. Main St LLC; 1110 N. Main St., $975,000

Aldon A Turner to Kathy L Thompson; 5175 Townpoint Road; $20,000

Kevin Peale to Christopher J Coup; 5811 Whaleyville Boulevard; $210,000

Daniel B Cooper to Brian Keith Melvin; 1311 Teton Circle Unit 68; $198,000

Joshua L Rock to Meredith D St John; 315 W. Constance Road #312; $225,900

Suffolk Materials Inc to William Mack Lester; 0 Carolina Road; $60,000

Timbervest Partners III Virginia LLC to Jones Swamp LLC; Tract 1248 50.00 more or less Acres Holy Neck Magisterial District: $298,452

Jeffrey Carter Raynor to Faye Darden; 1501 Guston Drive; $180,000

Ava Renee Watson to Patrick Conti; 219 Tracy Drive; $304,000

Thousand Keys Acquisitions 2B LLC to Dominion Property Ventures LLC; 917 Douglas Court; $84,000

Lisa Ricks Kirkland to Models Homes LLC; 406 Wilson Court; $72,100

William R Powell Jr to Thomas M Baines; 524 Kilby Shores Drive; $194,000

Matthew H Horne to Eric Thomas Crandell; 3202 Glebe Point Road; $420,000

NVR Inc to Jerrell Michael Inge; 124 Declaration Lane; $418,000

Herbert T Robinson to Taylor R Jurisin; 3045 Silver Charm Circle; $289,000

David Thomas Gilmet to Brianna Janette Phillips; 4116 Berwyn Way; $259,000

Trinette LLC to Awesome Drain Cleaning and Waterline Repair LLC; Crocker Street and Crocker and White Lot; $8,000

A H Winslow III to Glen Jay Woodward; 121 Kingsdale Road; $179,900

Richard Allen Byrum to Logan Doede; 275 Burnetts Way; $220,000

Richard Faulk Jr to Shavon L South; 520 Eola Avenue; $235,000

Benjamin C Keller to Church of Pentecost Norfolk; 3118 Cherry Hill Lane; $564,000

Bridgeway Limited Partnership to Tiffany Hassell; 4127 River Park Drive; $725,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Sean D Carr; 419 Terrywood Drive; $428,905

Nansemond Reserve Investors LP to Taylor Construction LLC; $322,500

William H Crouch to Southbeach Services LLC; 5 AC Pineview Road; $65,000

Russell E Marquis III to Yehashuah Yishrael; 2000 Regency Drive; $330,000

James Meador to Wayne Douglas Case Sr; 5035 Carolina Road; $283,000

Russell L Wright to Natasha Myrobia Hawkins; 3103 Strata Court; $213,000

Carolyn E Nichols to Soundview Property LLC; 304 Edward Avenue; $150,000

Mary S Fisher to Patricia Greer; 110 Kings Point Drive; $360,000

Thomas W Lewter to Feuerhahn Properties LLC;108 S Capitol Street; $22,000

Cynthia Anne Johnson TR ETC to Patrick C Kahoe; 704 East Riverview Drive; $490,000

Cornelia H Wyatt to Ailene Daniels LLC; 122 N Lloyd Street; $12,000

Betty M Rogers to Jarrod L Clingenpeel; 3604 Frazier Avenue; $295,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Better Quality Homes LLC; 320 South Main Street; $186,500

Tyrone N Carr to Regal A Anson; 4851 Desert Road; $85,000

Daniel Paul Hoadley Devisee to Cynthia Faye O’Keefe; 2753 Nansemond Crescent; $255,900

Kalpana Pandey to Francis B Simkins III TR; 5025 Breleigh Lane; $23,845

Randal Y Jacobs to AB Homes LLC; 4896 Mineral Spring Road; $27,500

Herons Point Land LLC to Nicholas A Hamilton; 2074 Herons Point Lane; $105,000

J Eure Properties Inc to El Nevado Properties LLC; 2414 Randolph Street; $15,000

Bryant A Saldana O’Farrill to Jonathan Sellers; 118 Jester Circle; $282,500

Dennis R Bost to Babar Bilal; 1016 Legends Way; $279,000

Dr Grayson B Miller Co TR ETC to James R Pettigrew; 9067 River Crescent; $550,000

John M Burns to Clarence E Forehand III; 4620 Desert Road; $190,000

Mary L Highsmith to Dieu Hanh Thi Nguyen; 4200 Gunston Drive; $215,500

Sandra J Gardner to Mar Vina Brown; 1000 Blythewood Lane; $185,350

Vinbilken LLC to Cynthia B Jackson; 236 Jonathans Way; $275,000

James Le to Travis Jeremy Rasmussen; 1007 Sawtooth Drive; $351,000

Casey C Jackson to Joshua Isiah Upchurch; 1502 Olde Mill Creek Drive; $369,000

Clifford G Lane III to Stacey Brett Roquemore; 2663 River Watch Drive; $550,000

Estella V Jones Estate to Tidewater Investments 3 LLC; 1608 East Washington Street; $62,100