Suffolk man starts CPR training business

Published 9:14 pm Saturday, October 2, 2010

CPR instruction

Marlandos Fields instructs as student Angela Roscoe practices chest compressions.

Learning life-saving skills can come with a high price.

Marlondos Fields, of Suffolk, is making those skills more accessible to those who need to learn them.

Fields began his business, Sav-A-Life, in January 2010 to teach CPR and first aid services at a minimal cost.

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“CPR and first aid are life-saving skills,” Fields said. “Not only do people need to have these services for jobs, but it’s also good to know for everyone. It shouldn’t depend on if your job requires it or not. Every truck stop, bus, school, hospital and daycare employee should know it.”

Field’s classes run between four and five hours. He travels to each business, church or organization and fees are currently $25 per person.

“People call me out and I go to them,” Fields said. “I’ve done CPR parties for schools and classes for security guards, doctors, nurses and more. I never know what kind of class I’ll get.”

Students learn CPR and first aid for infant, child and adult through instruction, video and hands-on practice.

“Because my classes can include anyone from a first-timer to a doctor just needing recertification, my classes are tailored to meet the needs of the students,” Fields said.

Fields began his business after he took a class himself.

“I always wanted to be in the medical field,” said Field, who was then in the Navy. “After I became certified, I decided I wanted to become qualified as an instructor and took a class after I came back from deployment. I wanted to take advantage of an opportunity I was given.”

Since opening, Fields estimated he has taught roughly 40 classes, which he hopes bring his students more than a certification.

“People come to me worried about being attacked through legal action if they try to help someone and it either doesn’t work or they do some sort of damage,” Fields said. “I want these classes to be a tool for people to use to help others. Nothing should stop you from helping someone who needs it.”

For more information, call Fields at 338-5873.